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  1. So i was wondering what this PC grow thing is all about, but I wasn't finding anything about the basics. Could someone point me in the right direction? or answer some quick questions?

    Is this just a way to start plants? it seems like it a case is too small to grow a full plant.

    What type of materials do you need besides the case? (what type of lights and such)

    How close should the plants be to the lights?

    What type of ventilation do you need?

    Why do you use windsheild covers to insulate?

    Any other information you care to throw in would be great

  2. Well, you can use a PC case to fully grow a plant, it won't be a very large yield though. You will use CFL's more than likely because they don't create too much heat. You will want some sort of reflective material to efficiently use the light, you will want an exhaust fan, and something to monitor the temp and humidity.

    The light should be as close as possible without burning it, with CFL's it's usually about an inch away.

    You will probably want to use a computer fan or a few to make sure you cycle in fresh air every 5 minutes I believe. More ventilation never hurts ;)

    I'm guessing the windshield wipers are for the smell and it's because they are a cheap easy gasket to seal things.

    I've never done a PC case grow but these all seem like logical answers ;)
    Don't overwater/overnute, they are plants and they take time to grow, do not be too eager and mess with them too much. Just read read read the tutorials in all sections of cultivation. It's a lot of reading, but it goes faster when tokin on a nice joint. Cheers
  3. Thanks Can anyone answer some more questions?
  4. if you're talking about the reflective windshield covers people use, they use them because they're a cheap reflective material, i dont know if i've heard of people using them in pc cases though, seems like it'd be a tight fit, i've seen them more used in rubbermaid and other small box grows

    all the other answers are pretty much right on
  5. your username should give you a hint :rolleyes:
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    troll much? I am researching asking questions is one of the best ways to research. especially considering the wealth of cultivation knowledge on grasscity.
  7. A full grow can be done. Look up topping and lst techniques to get your plant shorter but wider with multiple colas instead of a tall plant with one cola. The point of this is it will fit better in the case and each cola will get more light than just one cola. Use CFL's! 2 42 watt cfl's should be enough. Make sure they are 42 actual watts and not equivalent watts. CFL's have different sprectrums of light. Veg requires 6500k/daylight. and flower requires 2700k/warm white. I would use a 6500k and a 2700k during veg and then 2 2700k during flower. lights should be no more closer than an inch and no farther than 3 inches from the closest leaf/bud. The point of the Mylar is to reflect light. A cheap alternative is tin foil. People say it causes hot spots which is true in some cases but in a small area with good ventilation it will be ok. But in order to be well ventilated i would suggest wiring a pc fan to 12v dc adapter. i can post a link if needed.
  8. Anyone who says pc grows are doable... lies! ALL LIES!!!!!!
    my pccase in point. :wave:

    My advice is simple, you've got limited space, use it wisely, cram as many cfl's in as possible, I got 6-23w cfl's in mine and 2 120mm fans are needed for the exhaust but I didn't need stealth so I hooked up a 6 inch exhaust fan and duct work outside the pc and use that to light proof my exhaust. Keep your planter short. Mine is 4-5 inches deep. I've fed in half gallon feeds usually twice a week, I've used all fox farm nutes start to finish, well another 2 weeks to go.

    Lastly, do yourself a favor. This is a regular grow in tight spaces, any plant should be atleast 12-18 inches for it to be "mature" enough to properly flower start to finish from articles and posts I've read here. Doing 2 plants will only cram your pc and suffer in the yield dept in the end, or you'll have 2-3 under producing small plants. So just do one. Let it grow, lst/scrog it up, prune her heavy and as long as you keep the buds 2 inches from the cfl's you'll do fine.
    My baby is now entering her 6th week of flower, one bubblegum plant. I've done 4 smallplants, 2 oversized bubbles, and now doing one, filling up my grow area, then flipping the switch, pruning as I've gone along and as you can see, I've got 6-8 respectable cola's going there(plus some real good smaller sites and branching) and from root to top cola she's about 20 inches now.

    PC's are very doable, lots of room for error but if you can keep the temps down and have patience you'll do just fine. Good luck.
    I've posted a lot of pics in the pc growers club thread in the micro forum, check it out.

  9. Dang man, that is one sick ass plant. How come no grow journal? Definitely a lot of growing skills going on there.

    If you want to check out another really good PC grow, check out this link. Goes from box construction through grow of 2 plants.
  10. Didn't do a journal because this is my last pc run before graduating to a tent, figured I'd do one then. Plus after a few runs in the pc already, I didn't expect this one to go as well as it did. When I ran 2 bubblegums last time there were beasts and outgrew my case. It wasn't until I decided to start flowering on this run that I realized how tuned in to my grows I have become. I think I only started posting pics of the grow on the regular once flowering started.

    Part of me has felt this single bubble has been dumb luck, but I've come to realize how tuned in I've gotten in my small environment. BTW I started using Fox Farms open sesame, beastie bloomz and cha ching 2 weeks ago. The next day after starting to use the additives, I've seen even more growth and potential in my bubblegum gum baby. It's got me wondering how much better and bigger I could have done if I had the additives to use from the start.
  11. How much will that yield you?
  12. what is this lst business?
  13. low stress train, its basically tying down the plant to make it grow a certain way and let spots that wouldnt get much light get more light

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