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Questions about oil

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by numberino, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Hey so I've been a GC lurker for awhile and I actually just made my acc to post here. Anyways I've been smoking/vaping for several years and wanted to get more into dabbing. My friend said he could hook me up with oil and it's supposed to be really nice medical grade oil for 100$/1.06g which for me seems really, really pricey (I'm in Boston by the way).

    Also I have attached a pic of the oil that he has. I also have another question about how oil in a syringe works, is putting it in a silicone container as easy as just squeezing it out of the syringe into the container? Thanks. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415911811.679294.jpg

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    Damn that looks nice man, I would still insist on getting a local connect because hes charging you like 200% what I get charged for a gram and I live in New live in a major city it shouldnt be too hard to find some nice product. Oh shit man I didnt even answer your question. Im smacked, just toked on this cherry pie  :hippie:....Anyways yea I have no clue what the consistency is like, but if its like normal shatter or something then yea just squeezing it out into a container would work.
  3. Haha thanks so much man

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  4. Keep it in siringe, how are you smoking? Squeeze directly onto nail or into pen chamber

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    100% agree. When I can, I get my concentrates in a syringe. So much easier to deal with in terms of dabbing. And I get ALL of what I pay for. I don't have to fight to collect it out of a container. I wish more peeps would start to use the syringes and silicone containers instead of the plastic or glass ones. They are the bane of my dabbing lifestyle. 
  6. $100 a gram? fuuuck that haha. I don't know the price of weed and whatnot in your area, I live in washington (so yes I realize it's going to be pretty cheap for me) but on average the going rate for a gram of oil here is $40. $50 for dank, $30 if it's not as good, etc. Recently been getting 3-5g/$100 from the homie who hooks it up hella well, but that is excessively cheap
    personally I would pay no more than $50-55 for that, and even at that I really wouldn't want to buy it
  7. seems a little overpriced here in Canada i see 60-80 i wouldn't pay more then 70 though and even that is kinda pushing the limits
    but damn hot knifes of oil/concentrates last waaaaayy longer then weed does so it kinda is worth it but i think ur over paying =o

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