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  1. Hey, I was just wondering about a couple things that i couldnt find the answer for. Ive been smoking for a month or so now. I smoke a black and mild pretty much every day, thats about it. I dont touch cigs. I was wondering, If I decide to quit after being addicted for a while, will I always be as addicted as when I smoked? Like, if i quit in 5 years, am I still going to get nicotine cravings after being clean for like a year? Also, if i dont touch cigs, is it possible for my cravings to elevate frmo what I already smoke? Like, if I keep going with the black everyday, will I just adjust to that level of addiction, or will I always crave as much nicotine as someone who smokes a pack a day just because its in my system?
  2. i dont smoke cigarettes, but i do smoke black milds sometimes.

    sorry i dont really know about nicotine addiction, but i dont suggest smoking cigarettes. black and milds are better i find.

    i personally dont get addicted to black and milds, and so i dont think your addiction would be bad.

    if you want to stop or whatever, just try taking a break from the blakc and milds.
    see what happens.

    but cigarettes are nasty i think.
  3. its different for everyone. i know people that have quit for 20 years and started all the sudden again. if you are addicted now, you prob will be anytime you start smoking again. but like i said its different for everyone. people can be addicted, quit and then smoke years later and not be addicted but thats probably a small percent of people.
  4. I'm pretty sure you can get addicted to black and milds. I had a coworker that took meds and shit and had shakes and withdrawals from them
  5. Yeah man cigs are nasty. An occasional black and mild is really good though, and definitely boosts my highs for sure.
  6. I quit smoking cigs a while ago. However, I do roll a decent amount of spliffs. I only use black and mild tobacco for them. A single black and mild lasts me about 8-10 spliffs.

    There have been times that I'll just puff on one. It doesn't make me want to smoke a cig at all.
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    I smoke cigarettes
    No way in hell would I regularly smoke blacks
    Those things are worse..

    Once you start smokin' 3-4 blacks a day
    I'd say you're addicted.

    The addiction won't come back anymore if you beat it..
    Unless someone sparks up infront of you and you get that desire..
  8. you're addicted right now fool, don't fall for that shit. you haven't been smoking long, fucking drop that shit now. it will kill you. just smoke more weed. smoke spliffs at the most.
  9. Don't start smoking that stuff.
  10. Stop now, while you can, and don't worry about whether or not you'll be addicted in the future.

    Like any addiction, it will elevate to where you need/want more and more.
  11. Thanks for the advice, im gonna cut out the black everyday. Ill still puff one once in a while to boost my high i guess

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