Questions about my little sprouts

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  1. So all 5 of my seeds have sprouted in my solo cups, while they where germinating in the soil I was giving the soil 3-4 gently mists with my spray bottle every day to ensure that the seed soil didnt dry out during germination. Now that my little girls have sprouted how ofter/how much should I be watering them? They are currently sitting in my window sill and wont be moving outside until they are taller/stronger. Thanks in advance for you helpful responses.

  2. I would continue misting for now since it's working. You can do a test by watering from above. If the seedlings starts leaning, it's not ready to be hand watered. The main issue with watering seedlings is that the roots are not big enough to hold the plant upright as the water displaces the soil.
  3. i am in the exact same stage as you...i have 9 sprouts in dixie cups in my window sill and i give them a small splash of water like 6 times a day. they seem to love it. one of my plants is like 4 inches tall in just 2 days (pre germinated)
  4. So my sprouts have been growing quite rapidly, maybe even to rapidly. They seem to just be about 2.5" tall and just a thin sprout with two mini leaves on the top. Does this sound about right? Should it start filling out with my foliage/thicker stalk soon?
  5. You can hand water...I never mist mine...soon as they sprout they get hand watered...

    they look healthy and par for their age...the stalk will get bigger and thicker with time and wind, the first true set of leaves should be coming along in the next few day-week tops. I would also add more soil to the cup and bring it up the stalk because they will get too lanky with no wind source and start falling over.
  6. So about how often/how much should I be watering? I've read I shouldn't water until the soil is dry when I stick my finger a coupe inches down, does this sound correct?
  7. Lookin good.^ and yes that sounds correct
  8. So I have just began moving the sprouts outside during the day to get some real sunlight. One of my concerns is that one or two of the sprouts has defiantly gotten too tall to support its own weight, I have a Popsicle stick in the cup to keep it standing upright. How long do you think the "stalk", for lack of a better word, will take to become thicker to the point of supporting actual foliage?

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