Questions about my germed seeds

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  1. Hey guys, I just planted my seeds in little peapots yesterday and now they are under a 400W bulb. Most of the seeds had at least an inch long taproot. 1 or 2 of them weren't quite as long, but still nice looking. The light is pretty warm and the humidity is only at 30% in the room, so the soil is getting pretty dried out from the heat from the light. Should I keep spraying the pots with water, or just leave them alone? One has already sprouted up about an inch. I'm also leaving the light on 24 hrs... Should I start doing 18/6? This is my first time growing from seed, so I apologize if these are lame questions. I have 7 fem seeds btw.
    Thanks so much guys! :smoke:

  2. I would keep them on 24/0 till all are up and mist any ones who get dry looking, peat pellets or pots dry out fast under an hid light.
  3.  I would avoid peat pots, I would not use more than a flourecent for baby's. 
     best thing to do as far as watering is to pick the pots up and get a good feel for the weight wet and dry. Overwatering young starts will cause damping off (death). They dont need a lot of water unless the temps get way too high. Using fem'd seeds you might even let them get dry enough for the leaves to start to droop slightly before watering. Not wilted, just barely drooping. Then feel the weight to get an idea what you are looking for.
     No reason not to go 24/7 as far as I know. Some folks claim plants need rest, I do not know. I run 24/7 on anything that isnt flowering.

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