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  1. I'm going to start growing my own supply. I smoke a lot so I'm looking for the highest yield I can get. I plan to purchase seeds soon & plant them any time from late May to early June. I'll be growing outside in Fox Farms soil, using Fox Farm nutes. I live in upstate NY, the temps right now are around 60-70•F. Once summer comes temps will be anywhere from 70 to mid 90s•F. In flowering months (sep-oct) it dips down to around 40 - 50•F. My questions are: Are these temps okay? What strain would be potent & have high yields with a 3 month veg, & 1-2 months flower? How do I avoid bud rot & spider mites? What other problems can I encounter? How much am I most likely going to yield? Thanks in advance for any help/advice!
  2. I'm on my first grow as well but I have learned soooo much already! You will too, as your first grow is always the one that has you gain the most experience & knowledge. So I'm assuming you plan to grow outdoors since you stated your temps. I'm indoor however, I'm in soil & both using Fox Farms soil & Nutes. Temperatures are okay, however do your research on strains and make sure it is COLD HARDY. Just to name a few that match those types would be Blue cheese, Amnesia Lemon, Blue mammoth, and LSD. all of these are cold hardy, high yield & 9-12 weeks flower. The Veg is all up to you so in reality you can veg for only 4 weeks to 12. it's all up to you. Of course, longer veg=bigger yield so just plan out space & time and things like that. Avoid bud rot by mixing extra perlite in the soil for better drainage and I highly recommend smart pots for the best aeration. Spider mites, I don't have a problem with because my environment is controlled. My tent is a no critters allowed zone. how ever as long as you check up on your plant every day & keep an eye out for them you shouldn't have a problem. to avoid gnats just put about 2 inch perlite cap over your soil (they're attracted to the earthworm castings in the soil) Let's say you carry out with your 3 month veg plan, you should yield anywhere from 300-500 g's. If you give your plants the room to grow, they will. However when transplanting it's best to jump up from a 1 gal to a 3, 5 gal to a 7 gal, etc. big jumps mean it can take longer for your plant to establish a root system. Sorry if I didn't cover everything, hope this helps and good luck with your grow!

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  3. oh!!! and other thing Fox Farms soil is packed with Nutes already so you should NOT be feeding them anything but water of 6.4-6.7 ph until 3rd-4th week of veg!!!! and when you do use 1/4 of dosage. Ok now I'm done I promise! Lol

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    Thanks for the reply! You've given me lots of good info!

    I just got together the funds for my seeds, soil & nutes. Are you using ocean forrest? If so, did you use a different soil for your seedlings? I hear OF has a tendency to burn seedlings.

    I'm going to be growing 1x Seedsman White Widow, 1x Royal Queen Seeds Critical, 3x Dutch Passion Durban Poison, 1x Seedsman Northern Lights & 1x Female Seeds AK-47 Auto-Flower.

    I'm gonna veg them out as long as I can. If i plant in late May, they'll veg for a good 2/2.5 months & then flower for another 2/2.5. I'm aiming for at least 56 grams per plant.

    My main concerns are spider mites, bud rot/mold, & my neighbors. I'm not sure how I'm going to hide my plants. I have no fence in my backyard & one of my neighbors has a direct view of where I'm planning to put them. He also has a tree house with an even better view. I'm thinking of planting a bunch of tomato plants in my yard.

    Is it okay to plant in a 10 gal pot & never transplant? Also, how can I control the amount of time in veg?

    EDIT: Unfortunately, I have to order from Crop King Seeds because they accept PayPal & no one else does. So I can't get the strains I was originally going to.

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