Questions about my box.

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  1. Could i grow inside of a 16 inch tall by 31 inch long and 16 inch wide box?
    and how should i set it up inside?
    and how do i make the plant not grow to tall?
  2. Yes.
    Lot's of lights and fans.

  3. honestly 16 inches tall is pushing it. try to find as shallow of a pot as u can. def scrog it and u might b ok. but keep in mind the size of your pot and the size of the lights u put in there. my first grow, i only vegged for a month, no scrog and my plant was over a foot tall not including the dirt
  4. well do you guys know how big my final pot is going to be so i can start to figure out the space inside?
    im not sure of what sizes yet.
    i know start in a rock wool and then a 3" pot then what for flowering?
    Also about the fans and stuff how would i do that?
  5. if u get ur med recommendation just go to a dispensary and buy a clone, theyre like $10-$25. then find a shallow 3-5 gal pot. get one as short and wide a poss so u can maximize ur root space, but its gotta b at least4 inches deep for a small grow. (fair warning ive never grown in anything more shallow than 8 inches) since ur grow area is small u might get away with 3 gal. i just leave my plant in the same pot the entire grow. then i would bend the plant over and pin it down and let it veg for at least a week or 2 depending on ow much space u have left. then pop a screen over it and start spreading the branches. and if u can get ur hands on some fox farms potting soil that is best.

    just remember for ur box. u need a hole in ur box with any lind of filter over it (could even b an old shirt stretched out) for fresh air intake. a hole in the other end of the box, as close to the top as poss with a fan for exhaust. something to reflect the light inside. (cheap optiions- flat white paint, or emergency/fire blankets) and some light. at least 2 100w equivelant daylight cfls. and either leave them on 24/0 or get a timer and do something between 24/0 and 18/6

    good luck
  6. How would i do a scrog setup?
    im thinking i can get away with like 3 small plants in there?
    should i use computer fans or a small oslating fan?
    the lights should i do a surge protecter with lights or is there a smaller way to mount them to take up less space?

    so the holes on the box they should be on oposite sides of the box? one on the bottom left with a fan next to it blowing in and the other hole on the top right?
  7. I would scrog the hell out of one plant, maybe 2. I think three would be tight even if you flowered them ASAP. Check out the threads on scrogging to get an idea of how you should shape yours, but i like the idea above. Tie the plant over sideways then train down all of the shoots that turn vertical, spreading and evening out the canopy. Lots of small bud sites is key for this I think.

    Good luck. I'm interested to see how you end up doing it. Gotta love those small stealthy grows. :D
  8. SCROG is the way to go if you have limited space.

    Here's what I have learned. I built a cabinet that is 8' long, 3' wide and 5' high. I still don't have enough room to grow in. I have to find strains that grow short and are bushy. Take tim to resaearch your strains and find the ones that will work for you.
  9. how should i set up the fans in the box?
    and where do i put the holes?

    what lights should i use or how should i set them up so i have more room?
  10. Regarding the lights, I'd personally suggest buying a few ceiling light fixtures (the really cheap simple ones) then you can mount as many as you like on a pice of ply board or whatever, and wire them up. This way you can custom make the lamp to fit your space. You can even make a fairly decent reflector out of a disposable aluminium dish and some foil tape.

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