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  1. Ok im no expert but i have been producing and composing music for like the last 7 - 8 years, any questions you want to ask about music production or music composition, any thing at all, just post it here and ill try my best to answer and plus any other musicians/producers out ther feel free to post your answers up too cyaz
  2. got anything to listen too:smoking:
  3. First things first, understand that I'm working with like the worst recording set-up possible. I've got Cakewalk 3, a stock audio card in my laptop and a RadioShack microphone (done laughing? okay, I'll wait...)

    For now, I'm recording my backing tracks using drum rhythms from my keyboard, but when I play them back in Cakewalk, they're flat and slightly muffled. I've been using an overdrive filter and a parametric EQ to punch up the snare and cymbals a little and reduce the 60hz hum, but is there anything else I could conceivably do (without upgrading or changing my equipment) to give the drums a little more clarity?

    ETA: If it makes any difference at all, I play blues/rock and on top of the drums there is usually bass and two guitars and sometimes organ
  4. If you want better drums there are tones of free VSTis check out also if you got like limewire, or bearshare or any downloading programs like that wherever you downlod music put in something like acoustic snare wav and it shuld come up with a shit load of snares whatever you look for just put wav after it and try and find a program to run them in. Native Instruments Battery is good and so is Native Instruments Intakt (drum sampler). If you got a setup man is dosnt matter you know, my setup is: 49 Key Midi Controller Keyboard, Cubase VST 5, and a shit load of VSTis and my computer is Advent T something or other so really mine aint great either but it gives me what i want. But like i said man if you aint producing the drums you want just download 1 shot sounds or if you wanna get more into it download loops off the internet put them in an audio editor (Cool Edit, Goldwave, audacity (audacity is free) you can them cut them bass drums and snares and hi hats out. Hope this helped.

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