Questions about Molly (Pure MDMA) and LSD

Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Hey guys!

    Hope everyones 420 was as insane as mine!

    Just wondering if anyone has done molly and what their thoughts were. I have done E, but not pure MDMA. Also, I was considering Candyflipping, I would love anyone to describe the sensation of candyflipping (good and bad) and if its worth it, or if i should just drop the E. Any help is appreciated thanks!

  2. Well ive never tooken pure mdma so i couldnt help you there..but when u say ''candyflipping''i assume u mean doing acid,if so well then theres no need for E,,when i took acid i was hallucinating but i had the kind of E body high...but if u decide to take acid make sure u have nothing planned because i took it at 6pm and it completely wore off and like 8am.but the down side of it is that u might have that empty feeling stomach throughtout the whloe trip which leads to chronic stomachaches,,,and also u probably won't be able to sit still for 2 minutes,,,its like your a kid with really bad ADD :p,,,U HAVE TO CONSTANTLY MOVE AROUND,,,but if u do decide to take a couple hits then have a good trip:)
  3. Ive done lsd before, i get it for free :D , my real question is the candyflipping, whether its worth it or not!

  4. i'm expirienced with e and acid, but never together. they are both wonderful substances, i encourage you candyflip. i'm talking to my boyfriend on the phone as i type; he's on a rediculous amount of drugs on a daily basis pretty much :love: and his all time favorite thing to do is to candyflip. now, this boy can be tripping on three hits of acid as people in the same room sit by without a clue, thinking he's sober. when i was with him while he was candyflipping (three tabs, three hits of acid), he was acting off the wall. he walked up and down the sidewalk of an apartment complex claiming he was looking for a raccoon :confused: . he threw a lit cigarette across the room at someone who he knew was a non-smoker, claiming the person he threw it at asked him for a drag when in reality no one was speaking at the time. he told me he could see my hand melt into his. one second he'd be calm, the next he'd start pacing around the apartment for no apparent reason but that didn't happen too frequently. every trip is different but i just thought i'd share. have some [mostly] sober people that care about you around when you trip, and all will be well. candyflip, have a blast, then come back and tell us all about it.

    oh yeah and if you're a cig smoker i advise you to have a pack handy, everyone i've known to eat acid says they love a cigarette when they're tripping, myself included.
  5. Hmm good to hear! I dont smoke cigs, in fact im extremely sensitive to nicotine, I cant even finish a whole cigarette, I can do about 3/4 then I get the spins like a motherfucker! Ill be with my best friend the whole time, he will also be rolling, neither of us know if we wanna C-flip yet, this all depends on if we can get the molly, thanks!

  6. Okay, so I'm not really clear on this: candyflipping is e and acid, right? Then what's e and shrooms called? :confused:
  7. they are both candyflipping. acid is a bit more common because of its powerfull effects on the mind and body. i find shrooms to mostly be a mind trip.
  8. Candyflipping can be a very profound trip. If you have the oportunity and a safe location, do it.
  9. I've done the e & shrooms trip... at that huge rave that they used to have (and maybe still do) called The Buzz... September 1995... put together by Feel Good Entertainment... at some convention center in Oakland, Ca. Truly a trip to remember! It was the first and only rave I've been to, something like 15,000 people, and it was one of the highest times I've ever had! Once I started trippin' on two hits of 'X' (same thing as 'e', right?), I found an outside tent with a wicked assed DJ and started to dance... and this mf took not only me, but the rest of the dancers under the tent on this wicked assed ride that I didn't even realize I was on until he brought the music down and everyone turned to each other and went, "WOW!" I didn't know DJ's could do that sort of trip with music! It was under that tent that I had my one and only experience sucking on a nitrous balloon... that was a kick! After my friend and I (oh, yeah... I went with this friend from work. He bought the tickets... I bought the weed and drove) stopped dancing, we sat in this patch of ice plant. He dug in his fanny pack and pulled out a handful of mushrooms and just hands them to me. By this time, I'm trippin' BIG TIME and I just eat the handful of shrooms he gave me. He ate his with this huge smile on his face. Then, I really tripped! I sat in that patch of ice plant for the rest of the trip... 'til 6:00 am.... with some of the most intense closed-eye visuals verging on the jeweled visions that Huxley wrote about, and some of the most intense revelations I'd ever had while on hallucinogenics... not the most profound, but really intense... like BIG LESSONS TO BE LEARNED HERE!!! Cool as fuck! :cool:

  10. Its called a hippy flip from what I hear

    I kind of want to candyflip but ive never done acid but I love E, should I maybe do acid before I try the c-flip?
  11. I heard shrooms and e is a "MX-Missile"

  12. really weird this thread came up here a friend was just talkin to me bout molly never heard of it till just last week he said it was the pure MDMA not all the other shit sounds kinda fun i wouldnt mind it maybe

  13. Cigarettes on E feels 10x better:p un fortunately itll be gone in like 3 hits if ur thizzed out.

  14. a hippy flip is E and shrooms.
  15. i never knew it was called that, but yea it was one of the coolest nights ever.
  16. so im hearing it would be worth it yes?

  17. si senor, but i would at least try acid first to get accostumed to the effects.
  18. I have done cid before so i think i can handle it

  19. man, i need to try e and acid. my main problem with acid id the length of its trip, and e always scared me a bit, but now i want it
  20. well im doing two rolls of molly and 1 hit of high powered acid so ill write a report about it


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