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Questions about molasses for flowering ( and flushing ).

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Peacefullbuddah, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. I was wondering if using molasses during flowering actually increases the bud size , or if it's just used for nutes . I have about 4-5 weeks left before harvest (22 days in now ) , I've got 3 chumaluma's from Dr. Greenthumb seeds under fluoro tubes and cfl's . I've read somewhere that molasses could increase bud size by 30% , is that true ?

    Also , am I suspose to flush my plants 2 weeks before harvest , and then not use any more nutes ? And if so , does that also mean that I shouldn't use molasses after I flush ? Thanks for any comments .

    P.S. there may be a pic attached .

    Edit : Ok, I just learned how to post pics . This is a shot of some middle buds on the chumaluma .

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  2. I cant speak for molasses, I have a feeling google could warrant you more info than GC on this one, but wait and see what others say, maybe someone has.

    People give their plants 2 weeks of water to help cleanse the internals to get ready for smoke, so yes, no nutes after, but considering i smoke molasses tobacco, i cant comment on the last part.
  3. u should hit them with molasses two weeks into flowering-- they are supposed to help the buds grow bigger according jorge cervantes-- i'm trying bio-boost from Canna products-- they're from the Dutch and maybe they can't fight, but nobody knows how to grow herbacious like the Dutch!-- Regard, probus
  4. in the jorge cervantes grow bible theirs two pics comparing bud grown with and without molasses. The difference was big enough to guarantee it as fact, it was 20% larger
  5. Thanks for the help on flushing anony , you clarified what I was confused about . Probus , you said that I should have started molasses 2 weeks into flowering , if that's the case then I guess I'll have to wait till next grow . It's been 3 weeks now since 12/12 started , and I just added the second (and final ) round of bloom nutes yesterday , so I will be flushing in 2 weeks . These plants are suspose to be ready to harvest in 45-50 days , and they are sativa dominant ( may be partially ruderalis ) . Anyways , thanks for the help all who replied .
  6. it doesn't really matter when you start with the molasses, i started 4 weeks into flower on my current plant, and i can already say it has helped.

  7. The only problem is that I just added bloom nutes yesterday , and will be flushing in two weeks . I don't think that I should add any molasses after I flush , but maybe I'm wrong .
  8. molasses helps the flavor of the bud, so i'm not positive that it needs to be flushed, i think you might still be able to use it after the final flush of all the other nutrients. because it's not a chemical.

    and i've also heard that blackstrap molasses is what you need to use, not just any old molasses.
  9. how much mollasas do you use each time?? can you use to much??
  10. 1 table spoon per gallon is what I and a few of my buddies use.

  11. Thanks joxter , maybe I'll end up trying it out after all . And yea I read somewhere that blackstrap is the best molasses to use ( although it also said that you can use any kind of molasses ) , I don't think that blackstrap would be sold in a grocery store ... I forgot exactly what it's used for . You may be right about being able to use it after the final flushing , because like you said , " it's not a chemical " , and it has a much smaller % of nutrients than most commercial fertalizers .
  12. you want

    organic unsulphured molasses

    you'll find it at a whole foods, or your local yuppie heath store (insert name here)

  13. Luckily I have a health food store around my way where I used to buy brown rice flour , thanks for the info .
  14. they sell black strap molasses at a lot of grocery stores.

  15. Ok , I wasn't sure if they would or not , that makes things alot easier for me .
  16. Could sum tell me if molasses would still work if I added it now in the 6wk of flower after reading this thread was thinking of getting sum
  17. added 1tsp/1gal to my Pineapple Chunk long after five weeks of flower, saw an increase in trich production and the buds swelled within three days!
  18. blackstrap is a britishism, in usa mollases will get you what you want in uk, its lyons blackstrap mollases or treacle
  19. I don't like smoking sugar....and can anyone prove that it helps trich production?....what if it is just that time for the plant to build a protective coating?
  20. Molasses is basically a carb boost. I have used it up to the day of harvest and cut it off at the flush. I didn't really notice a difference in quality or flavor. But the yield was about 15% more taking it to harvest. These were under are same light at the same time with clones from the same mother. I prefer using molasses over a hardener as its so much harder to over nute the plant with organic. Not to say I'm only organic In my room. But by week six no more chemicals in my room.

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