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  1. Hey guys so I have always wanted a Mobius Stereo Matrix. My in law got a vip card to a local headshop and it gets you 20% of everyday, 30% off on Bears game sundays, and 50% on your birthday. They sell Mobius there but i was wondering how much people who have one have paid for theirs. I want to compare to see if they jack up the price to adjust for the percents off or id really be getting deals. I know they have 4.0 E Ross bubblers for like $650. Thanks for the help guys.

    Toby Mac :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:
  2. Retail is in the 400-500 range.
  3. Get a matrix ion. Stereo dragss
  4. Ill have to see if they have that. I just know they are the only headshop around that carrys mobius within a 500 mile radius. So i choose them or online. I think id be paying $315 for a matrix on my birthday if I wanted that.
  5. Have you hit the stereo matrix?

    The 60mm retails for 420, 65mm retails for 480, the 65mm bubbler I believe retails for 450 but don't hold me to that.

    Hd it.
    [ame=]Mobius 60mm Stereo Matrix Milk HD - YouTube[/ame]
  6. I have and i agree. Bit more drag than my stemline. Didn't like it as much but was def a nice piece
  7. Yesh.
  8. I would not describe it as drag, it has a little initial pull depending on where the water level is, after that its like your breathing air.
  9. It's an awkward 'yank' i called it. Give it a good pull and then its just buttery smoke....

    (EDIT: It is definitely a different hit- Different percs=different hits... you can't expect a stereo matrix to hit like a upgrid stemline. It isn't supposed to.)
  10. Did someone really just say a mobius matrix drags?

  11. ... Yesh.

  12. that is so ignorant all i can really respond with is.....


    have a good day homie
  13. Personally I wouldn't get a Stereo Matrix, but just a regular Matrix.

  14. I said a stereo matrix drags. homie. I like the strato matrix, single matrix and ion matrix alot better ;)
  15. I think it drags too much as well. Still a nice peice but doesn't change it drags
  16. I feel like you guys may be a little confused on what drag is.

    Whatever tho it's all personal preference anyway.
  17. there is no way a matrix drags.....ever, you guys need to figure out what drag is first.
  18. This guy. Still trying to stir the fire on every thread. /facepalm
  19. it all depends where you put the water level, when it has too much water you can definitely feel it chug a bit more, although i wouldn't necessarily call it a draggy piece.. but you can still definitely feel the resistance, and for those who say they can't.. they're just not as sensitive to drag as some us are. But If you fill the tube till the top matrix perc is half submerged in water, then things flow very nicely.
  20. you cannot have a stereo matrix perc that functions without that drag. that drag is why we love the perc/piece. if you own a stereo matrix, and complain about its drag thats one of the dumber things ive heard. to create the matrix that suction is needed.

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