Questions about males!! Help Me Out!!!!

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  1. A few questions about male plants.
    Ok so now that our grow room is almost 100% completed , have sexed all our plants and have the mothers bushed and ready to be cloned , We ended up with one male. Its been in bloom for a bout 3-4 weeks now. We havent put a female into bloom yet as we need a few last minute items before that portion of the grow room is completed.

    How long should a male plant be bloomed out (6 week bloomer-Ata Tundra) , in order to be able to collect Pollen?

    How do I store Pollen?

    Do you wait for the pods to pop open or can you cut them off early and store them , and open them for future use?

    We intend on crossing this male with our most potent females by tieing a bag with pollen in it down over one leed off a female (cant remember whose thread I read about this , so Im sorry I cant throw yah credit atm. ) every so often to get an assload of seeds for next years outdoor season.
  2. Better get that boy the hell out of the room with the girls or you'll have wall-to-wall seeds before you know it. Males develop much sooner than females. Put the male in a diff room, take it down to a few branches and put a polyethelene bag over the flowers. You'll have more pollen than you need. Put the collected pollen in a plastic container, keep it cool and dry (fridge) and it will last a good long while. Change your clothes, shower, then get your little tub of pollen and a small artist's paint brush and dab it on the pistils you want fertilized. Label each branch appropriately. Do NOT collect pollen from a hermaphrodite or you will select for that trait and be up to your ass in herms. Good luck--and hustle!
  3. You can pull the little "bananas" before they pop and you'll still have viable pollen.
  4. Thanks snapper!!!!!!!!!! + rep For all info!!!!

    Just to clear the record though. lol. I dont have any females in the room as of yet. I have set up a side closet to put the male into with a few CFLs. He was just in the bloom room with the other unsexed plants at the time.

    So to store it , A small tupperware container in the fridge or freezer? Id prefer to cut the banana's off before they open on theyre own. Thanks for the advice on how to apply the pollen!!! Ill stop at the craft store next time Im out.

    So say I cut the banana's and store em. A few weeks go by. I am ready to use it. Thaw it out and open em one by one depending on how many plants I wanna pollenate?

    Thanks for the response!!!!!!
  5. OK, good on the separation of the sexes--I went down that road years ago and it was seed city overnight. The pollen drifts on air, though, so you can do a couple of things: one is watch them closely from now until you see one pod or "banana" open (it will drop pollen straight down onto the plant parts below it, then you can harvest your pods ("bananas") and store them. Squirt the unused flowers with a spray bottle (water) to hold the pollen down while you discard the plant OR you can take a guess about when they'll open, clip a branch and pop it into a glass of water with a bag over it to trap the pollen that way. If you go that route you can do a branch a day and likely hit your target. What you should avoid is storing the pollen with plant material because that contains moisture. I've done it both ways, others may have solutions I haven't thought of. One more thing: pollenate the females that are lower down on your plants. Two reasons for this: one, they won't amount to much as sinsemmilla bud anyway and two, they ripen later (the timing is better as the top one may be past fertility). Good luck and remember to practice good hygiene to aviod seeding the hell out of your crop!
  6. Fridge. Have not tried freezer.

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