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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by bmed19, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. So I will be starting my first grow this year and had a few questions about lighting. First off it'll be in a 4x4 tent and through research have concluded that 800w should be suitable for the type of grow I want.

    After asking around I have mixed feelings about a grow relying only on led lighting and was turned on to the option of mixing both hps and led. I don't need a super huge yield (although I wouldn't complain). Here are the question I have regarding the hybrid lighting:

    What would be a good setup, seeing as both have different height restrictions?

    If the led is too close, would it block out some of the light from the hps system?

    Is there anything important I should know about either system?
  2. First thing you should know, is if your gonna buy any led, save up and buy a good one. Do not buy mars 2. It will fail.

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  3. I figured, I wanted to do 400w or less of led. How good are we talking? The $2000+ models?
  4. If you can afford them, I would definitely go with LEDs for flower. They don't produce near as much heat as the hps bulbs do and they produce tremendous buds. But, as in the post above, if you can't afford the Grade A LEDs, don't buy one. There are tons of cheapos on the market that are made in Asia with the cheapest of components and the cheapest of labor and then marketed and sold as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Buy an American made brand of light and do some research on the different brand options. There are several to choose from and they are expensive, but when I spend money on something I want to know it's going to last. I can tell you for sure that the cheap LEDs don't, so don't waste your money on them. The LEDs in a limited space will give you much less trouble managing the heat and you will be happy with the buds they produce. If you decide to go with one of the LEDs, keep in mind when you put your plants in for the flowering cycle, that they burn hotter to the plants than the hps spite of the fact that we don't feel the heat off them like you can the hps. Hang your LED high and then slowly bring it down over time as the plants adjust to it. Lots of people stick their plants under them and don't leave enough space between the light and plants and it ends up burning their plants.

    But if you've not started yet, you've got plenty of time to figure all that out. I do want to encourage you to put just as much time into researching and becoming familiar with the basics of growing these plants inside. It's completely different from any gardening I've done before and if you don't know the basics, you'll find yourself stressed out and confused really quick. A MJ plants likes a particular kind of soil, doesn't like sitting around in moisture, needs water and feed solutions adjusted to the proper pH range, and several other very important nuggets that you desperately need to know before you start this. Information is your friend with this, especially if you have little or not growing experience. The new grower threads here are chocked full of posts just for the new grower that contain this important info. So read up on what you're going to be doing and dealing with and what you should be looking for. You have to learn to read these plants. They'll tell you everything that's going on with them, but you have to learn enough about them to be able to interpret what they're doing and understand why they are doing it. It will take you a little while, but I am a 52 year old grandmother and if I can learn how to do it, anybody can. LOL Good luck! Hope all goes well. TWW
  5. I've had my Mars 2 1600 running for 2 years and it's great. You'll always find people to badmouth one company or another. Mars had some problems a while ago with a supplier but they have great customer service if you're mature. Lots of man-babies on this site and others that will say extreme things about one brand or another.
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  6. Based on some of the research I've done, there is alot of speculation about the leds matching yields of an hps system no matter what the grade of led. I've also heard that the more expensive brands don't out produce cheaper brands (mars II for example) by much. I don't mind spending the money, but I'm not trying to drop literally thousands of dollars for a product that seems to be based more on opinions and preferences than facts.
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  7. Second rate leds have very little if any advantage over hps. Cree and Vero cob units are a different story. They are far superior to hps and are not extremely expensive. Another light to consider is 315w cmh. I've seen virtually nothing negative about it. Longtime growers are replacing hps with it also.

    I've been led only for 2 years and my LEDs are more fun, less worry and higher quality produce. Lights from PLC, Tasty, and GoGreen Johnson to mention a few, will make you happy. Combo with a 315 cmh is interesting though.
  8. How many watts of led would you recommend for 16 Sq ft? I know a general rule of thumb is half a gram per watt and I'm ok with that for now. Personally I love the idea of led, I just need something I can rely on.
  9. Seems like 35 to 50 watts dissipated from vero or Cree cob is fine. Make sure the light maker discloses the components they use. Shop smart. I've used hps and old Philips master color cmh with high end LEDs. Throwing in a 315CMD gets my curious area of my brain going.
  10. sorry my colleague sent to the wrong city nuker, i am terribly sorry for this, will ship the leds and fans to you tomorrow and update tracking number, my sincere apologies and this is our mistake, sorry for this.
  11. Mars which Light
  12. There are better lights. Look for Cree Xb and vero cob units. 315 watt ceramic metal halides are also giving great results.
  13. List a few for you to check out.mYoumsaid 2k plus so listing a few good ones i seen some good stuff on. Keep in mind watts in led doesn't equal watts in hps, they are different.

    Amare 900 or 1-2 450s.
    Area 51
    Apache at600

    Many more.

    There are a lot gotta learn to weave them out. Remember with led it's not hps can not compare watts. If you want to do more hunts on led and cobs gotta learn the basics of it. I think it's well worth it as (from what I've read) it's makes better bud. The Apache also out did a 1k hps, and the Thc was more increased. I didn't watch the full grow just the ending but thought that was neat.

    Keep in mind Apache is $$ and a few years old. I love to see it vs cob tbh. I can't help you on the hybrid, I tried it the grow and hated it. The heat was higher, ac kicked on so much more it was so much more $$ to run. Now I find out I can keep my air temp 84 and with led it makes my canopy 76-78. I don't have exhaust or ac unit on now.

    If you got time dyi is your best. You will get what you want and for cheaper. You just need to invest your time in research to figure out what you want and what to stay away from.

    Just me rambling but some food for thought.
  14. I do look for products that disclose the exact components used. Cobs are the best thing going right now. Northern, PLC, Johnson, Tasty and Go Green all have lights that are good enough for me! DIY is a viable option for many. All the help you need from Realstyles and others.
  15. I'd be interested to see the grow with hybrid lighting if you did end up carrying it out? Just about to run a 900w vipaspectra to veg then adding a 600w hps during flower

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