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questions about kief and hash!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kUsHkId420, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. :smoke: what's up so my dealer is selling hash for 20 bucks a gram ive never smoked it before and i don't know to much about it except it gets you fucked up and so forth. so i was wondering is it any better than kief? and is it better than like good weed that i get like sour d and shit, so what im basically asking is whats special about it and should i buy it instead of a gram of dank? help me out blades!!
  2. the best bud there is is only about 16% thc. hash can go as high as 30% (rough estiment) so yeah ash is better then bud or keif
  3. hash is some good shit bro if i could buy it i would
    just buy a sack and see if you prefer it
  4. alright, im probably going to buy some thanks for the help i didn't know it was much better than weed.
  5. Hash is all collected resin and trichomes, not really any plant matter, so it's very potent. It's a really great choice, I would reccommend trying it if the chance doesn't come up too often.
  6. just wondering if hash is really great how come many dealers dont sell it?
  7. because of the ammount of cannabis it takes to make and the effort it takes to make it. most of the people who have hash are people who grow and make it themselves

  8. If grown properly in the right climate, THC can exceed 30% in some cases, and some CBN and CBDs are ridiculously high as well. I'd say if you got yourself some good hash, it can be upwards of about 70% THC, while BHO is in the high 90's. Since you haven't smoked hash before, I suggest you be careful with it. Don't take a huge rip for your first time, because it can end up disastrous. A buddy of mine took a .4 rip of some Full Melt OG Bubble and passed out puking all over himself. We had to leave him in the bathtub until morning.
  9. oh i see will thanks everyone im about to go pickup some, ill post later and tell you guys how it wasss:bongin:
  10. ive never heard of bud going higher then 20% but i mean its not like ive grown or seen the dankest dank there is lol. and it does depend on the hash quality only really good hash would go around 70% i was just using the 30% as an example i really dont know much about hash i just know its alot higher in THC then bud lol and yeah hash oil i know is in the 90% range. but my main point is is that hash is really good lol. and yeah with hash unless u have a high tollerence you deffinatly shouldnt smoke much.

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