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  1. Hey guys,
    Im about to start my first grow (pc case with led lighting) and i decided to go with hempy buckets since its so god damn easy.
    But as it happens I live in a god forsaken country where the simpletons in the shops dont even know what hydroponics is... seriously. So now come the questions:
    1) can i use soil nutes in the hempy buckets? I have read mixed opinions about this.
    Its just that i cant find any hydro nutes, and please dont talk in brand names, because none of them exist in Lithuania lol. All we have are Lithuanian, Polish and some other European brands (more rare and very overpriced). Though i did find a gel like fertilizer that can be used in hydro ,NPK is 9-4-5 with some micronutrients, so now I need something for flowering.
    2) does the size of perlite grains matter a lot ? I found only 1 type with very fine grains, like 3-4 mm I'd say. Think this will work? I also found vermiculite with grains of ~the same size (i will mix them 3:1)
    3) can i plant the seed directly in the final container from the start, and are rockwool cubes/ peat pellets necessary for the start? Im not interested in re potting (keep it simple, right?)
    4) whassup blades?

  2. hey n00b
    dont use soil nutes in hempy they will just wash away
    living in lithuania u should look up user "midlife" he's a czech i think or visit the uk growers thread
    also "house & garden" nutes is dutch and so is "dutch master" nutes U should be able to get them locally
    size ofperlite doesnt matter but the vermiculite should resemble sand
    u could plant directly in hempy but i would use a rockwool starter cube just to be sure
    good luck

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    1. While it's most certainly not ideal, you could get away with soil ferts as long as they're synthetic (miraclegro perhaps in Lithuania? I would NEVER suggest miraclegro lol but it seems your desperate over there, and it's certainly better than nothing) but no organics!

    2. The size of the perlite has no particular requirements (although I've read about increased yields with chunkier varieties - speculative, information of course). I use a more chunky variety myself, and omit on the vermiculite all together as I feel that it gives much better control in terms of ph regulation and flushing.

    3. I personally don't like rockwool - I feel there are alternatives that are just as effective, and easier to work with. You COULD start directly in the hempy but you'll have to water DAILY for the first couple weeks - until the roots hit the res at the bottom..
    I root my clones in a bubble cloner and then transplant them to the buckets .. When transplanting you just need to be sure to fill the bucket with 1/3 perlite, hold the plant in the air and allow the roots to remain towards the bottom of the bucket, and then fill the rest of the way with perlite.. This way here you can be certain that the roots are already close to the res, and will make it there much faster..

    4. Whaaats up bro, welcome! :bongin:
  4. Thanks for the answers guys.
    I looked up a couple more gardening shops in the area, will check them out on monday and hope for the best lol.
    And again the nute question is of mixed opinions :D naturally its better to go with hydro... i get that much, but yea... if i find nothing of the hydro variety I will just try and see what happens, got plenty of seeds anyways. But on no nutes i have seen so far is it said that they are supposed to be used in soil (perhaps that is intended, but not specified). And i have only seen 1 type of organic nutes and they were "for orchids"
    I swear 50% of nutes are for orchids here.. people must be nuts for them

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