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Questions about Hash Oil.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Functional, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hello fellow stoners! :)

    I am acquiring today some hash oil, aprox. 1g of it.

    Now, my problem is, this is the first time ever that I have encountered hash oil. Even my friends have only heard of the stuff, but never seen it and they don't know directly anybody who has experience with this.

    So here are my questions.

    How potent is the stuff?
    As I do smoke, but I don't like to smoke too much to space out completely and reach into the furthest solar system which exists. I like to smoke only to get relaxed or just to enhance some experience, like going top of one mountain nearby and smoke there.

    I know that the stuff has various THC concentrations, but generally, just how little do I need to get myself elevated only a bit? If I smoke too much, well that is not either that much of a problem, I can handle it, but it's just not as much enjoyable as it otherwise would be.

    And next question, how to use it?

    I want to smoke it for now, and this is my plan: I put some of the oil into freezer and then when it's solid enough, I cut the desired piece with a knife. Then I will heat the piece on a spoon and gently drip it onto the side of a cigarette, which will have half a filter left. ( I want to keep the filter just to get nicer smoke, I tend to cough easily if the smoke is too strong. But I can do it without as well. )

    So, can this task be done safely? Will the THC extract burn up at all when I heat it so it can be enough soluble? I believe the flame of a lighter has to be below the spoon, so it won't touch it at all. Right?

    And then the last question;

    What kind of high am I expecting?
    I have been now on a break for 6 months without any real reason, just didn't really have the chance to smoke, because I've been busy with school, girlfriend, looking for job etc. So I have no tolerance at all I'd say, but would I expect light headiness more or like body high?

    Thanks for reading and answering if you did! :)
  2. great stuff, very very potent!! usually a couple hits and im good

    different ways to smoke it, easiest is just to top a bowl off with a small dab of it

    or, smoke it off foil by putting a dab on the foil, lighting under, and breathing the smoke in thru straw or pen, or whatever. that way is very effective, but also just feels sleezy cause everyone i have met who smoked black tar smoked it like that

    those are the only ways i have smoked oil, but im sure there are many others

    to break get it out, i always get it in these tiny viles, and just dip a paperclip in it, and u will get some goo, light above the oil on the paperclip and as the clip melts up, it will just drop off onto whatever you are trying to smoke off of

    im sure there are other ways too, but thats just how i was shown at the club when i had first purchased it

    oh yeah, usually it seems to be more of a clear minded sativa high, at least thats what it usally seems like for the oils i have picked up
  3. It's not a clear minded sativa high, it's pretty much pure THC. Personally, I would put your hash oil into gel caps and eat them, but you can just drip a little of it on whatever, you can put it into joints/blunts you can drip it on a bowl whatever you wanna do.

  4. yes, it is pretty much pure thc, but the feeling is similar to a clear minded sativa high, similar to smoking out of a nice vape

    its usually higher cbd and cbn %'s that make you more drowsy and "stoned" feeling, as well as genetics, while thc itself is more of the upper high
  5. Sativas give a clear high because of the high ratio of THC to CBD and other cannabinoids.

    Hash oil's content varies based on the method used to make it and the strain use. A strong Indica made into hash oil will produce more of a couchlock high than oil made from a strong Sativa.

    I usually top bowls with it, or mix it with weed into a 'goo ball'. Sometimes I paint papers with it and roll joints. Sometimes I vape it. Don't torch it though, heat it as gently as possible to get the most out of it.
  6. I would say smoking a good sativa out of a good vape is the closest you'll get to an all THC high, but it's not that sativa's are just loaded with THC as opposed to indicas I get a much different high from smoking a shitload of hash than I do from a sativa.
  7. hahaha skillet rip that oil up dude! 1 little drop will wreck you

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