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    I Have Just A couple of Questions About this Seed Bank On there website there is a huge list of seeds banks are these different seed banks that they go threw to get various seeds or do they only sell those listed under nirvana because im interested in a decent amount of them from various banks of there website and just another question whats the difference between feminized and standard do the standard have chance of being hermies or males any way any help is great these are the seeds im interested in

    Dutch Passion- SHAMAN
    Flying Dutchmen-THAI-TANIC
    Joint Doctor- LOW RYDER, /DIESEL RYDER,
    Legends- JOHNNY BLAZE
    Mr Nice- DEVIL
    Nirvana- ICE
    Paradise- SHERHERAZADE
    Th Seeds- RAMBO
    White Label- DOUBLE GUM

    Quite alot but i wanna order one every 3 Weeks or Month to space em out cuz thats quite a bit of MONEY there To LOOSE or Should i go with the attitude seedbank ive been hearing alot about them and they ship to the us i guess all info is great
  2. Attitude is A+++... Fast shipping, high germ (34 for 35 last time around).... Can't beat em...
  3. I have ordered from Dr. C for one main reason. He takes Visa gift cards that you do not have to register online! I have not found another bank that will allow this. Attitude is great by reputation but to use gift cards you have to activate your card with your personal information. If this is not an issue for you it really doesn't matter.

    As far as the breeders are concerned, check out the Sativa Divas from the Flying Dutchman. They include ThaiTanic, SwaziSafari and FumaConDios, about 3 seeds of each.
  4. Gypsy Nirvana owns Seedboutique. Nirvana is a cheap knockoff breeder, not the same person. Just received my Serious AK from SeedBoutique.
    Feminized seeds are supposed to be female, yet watch for hermies. Standard are "normal seeds" that can produce male, female and possibly hermie, though imo/ime, more likely to see hermies on feminized seeds.
    Have only grown Sheherezade and the strains listed under GHS, but by Mr. Nice, smoking Mr Nice SSH at the moment. Superb smoke!!!!!! Probably my favorite. Growing Nebula from Paradise (in germination) and just finished Swiss Bliss, Shezade and Belladonna- Swiss Bliss the best of the 3 for me, though Nebula is supposed to be even better. Their Sensi Star is excellent also. Heard bad things about Greenhouse, so trying some of their mixed pack in germ now, to see for myself. Joeyweed crosses are some of my favorite smokes/grows too. Has f2 strains like c99 and a11 that i grow all the time. Luv the ak99!

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