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  1. okay so my plants are just over a month old and have reached a height of about 8 inches. Seeing that I am not god, I'm not able to adjust the amount of sunlight in a day. So... I was wondering if it is possible to sex them without adjusting the light cycle? I guess I could take the plants away from the windowsill at like 6pm or so. Also, from germination, how long does it take for buds to grow without changing the light cycle? This is my first shot at growing so any feedback would be great!

  2. 12/12 will put it into flowering stage (which you can do right from seedling). When you take it away from the window sill, make sure it is 100% total darkness or the plant will stay in veg, even from a small desk light or night light. You obviously wont get big yields flowering that fast, but it makes for some kick ass little plants.
  3. It's all a matter of timing.

    When you switch to 12/12 lighting to induce flower the plant usually stretches. A little or a lot depends on the plant type and care factors so I can't give specifics.

    When the plant reaches a bit less than the size that's manageable for you, throw it into a closet for 24 hours of total darkness. Ventilation helps if you can do it without letting in light.

    After that, make sure it gets 12 hours of light a day and shut it away again. If you goof and leave it a bit longer it shouldn't be a problem unless you make a habit of it.

    If you have an autoflowering type (lowryder etc...) you'll want to leave it in the window for as much light as possible since it's going to flower automatically anyway. :)

    Is it almost too big for you to move around or hide easily? :)
  4. thi is exactly the way i am planing on growing my weed,in the city is the darkness of the sky enough for the plant or there is still too much light ?
  5. I just wanna clarify cuz that sounded new to me. My situation is almost identical to the thread poster's. So when the plant is at the size you want it to start budding at, put it in a closet at night, leave in all day and all night, then bring it out the second day and it'll begin flowering? How many days can you let in flower?
  6. I'm not an expert, but I believe with Micro-grows, they begin the flowering stage when the plant reaches a third of the maximum height they're looking for.

    So to answer your question, yes, inducing a 12/12 light schedule should start the plant flowering.

    Also, holy necroposting batman.
  7. Let's back up a bit...what part of the world are you in that you are trying to grow by sunlight in January? Northern hemisphere outside of the tropics there isn't enough daylight per day yet. Plus windows typically are on a single plane (in other words just in a flat wall) so the angle cuts down on the available sunlight (as opposed to a bay window that can let light in from multiple angles) plus window glass is treated to block UV rays, which your plant needs.

    You aren't able to control the sun, but you are able to control what time of year you try to grow.

    And you say it's 8 inches tall -- but how many nodes? Pics would help, but my guess is that the plant is stretched and sickly.
  8. Okay. I won't start growing until spring. But couldn't I put it under lights until then? And what does holy necroposting mean?

  9. Srs face on a 2 year old thread eh.

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