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  1. HEy im going to build a grow room and Its going to be in my attack when i see first signs of it being a female. Right Now it is in my room with a 400 watt and growing with organic fertz. Iam moving to my garage attick in the rafter because of people coming over and being seen. but as its a baby i can simply movie into a closet. But as it gets bigger that want be able to happen. Soooo i was wandering if the garage attick would be a ideal plce there is insulation every where and it is hot but its winter so ill check the tempature. and there is one vent in the roof im gettin a fan and lights up there. so any other info just respond please.

    smoke the skunk :]
  2. Attic grows are hard. :(

    I'm starting in my attic soon (once I have the motivation to get the floor finished) and let me tell you, temps get REALLY high when its hot, and REALLY low when its cold. One day this summer my attic had a high of 114 and a low of 64.

    If you can get the temps stable, which I need to do ASAP, then it will be good. Get a small space heater with a digital temp gauge and auto shutoff at that temp, for the winter. Get a big enough fan to draw in air from outside (should be cooler) when its hot out.

    It also sucks climbing in and out. But regulate the temps before you do anything.
  3. ok i have another question can the plant be moved out into the winter for about a hour or so? maybe less. will that shock the plant at all or stunt flowering? Other wise i dont think i can get my hands on a heater and that stuff. Really i thought the attic would be a good choice. glad i asked first. thank you 4twen_t
  4. 4twen is 100% correct, I gave up on an attic grow because of temp issues. I found that in the summer my attic was 10-15F warmer than the outside before putting in any grow lights. And in the winter the lights might provide enough heat but only during lights-on cycle, during dark cycle the attic gets to be just as cold as outside.
  5. Go LED they remove the heat issues and save big on the power consumption. As long as the lights have the natural sunlight light you will get all the colors the plants need. High Times has a new one in the back that works for veg and flowering. My cousin has been using them. I goggle searched g2led growbar and got an ebay store.
  6. For the power consuption I would look at LED. If you can avoid the china made stuff the ones made in the USA are doing very good. LED grow master, G2led, and lumi grow? Each one has good specs and will pay for themselves in the energy savings in running the lights and the lack of heat they make. Take a look at their sites.

    LED Grow Lights for Growing Plants Indoors- Garden Efficiently This guy knows his stuff.
    eBay Store - G2LED STORE: ht was reference from the High Times add I just saw.
    LumiGrow Having good results too.
  7. i think ill give up the attic growing hahah thanks guys. But do you think i could put the plants in floreing or veg state outside like for about a hour?
  8. Why put them outside for an hour? If for only that short a period of time I would just leave them where they are.
  9. ^^^What toasty said.
    It would be useless to put it outside for an hour. Also, it depends on the temp out there. If its too cold thats a bad bad thing. How would you like to be thrown naked into the cold?

    And I'm not saying you shouldnt grow in the attic. Just saying that its a SHIT TON of work and you need to spend a lot on temp control.

    Best of luck buddy!
  10. im jsut saying like once a week ill have like company over and i dont want them seeing my fuckin plants. so i was wandering if i could put them outside for a bit in the winter. because really i dont want these people seeing my plants i have a reputaion to withold
  11. Do you have a spare bathrom? put em in there.
    If not put them in your only bath,lock the door put the toilet seat & tank lid outside the bath & TELL YOUR PEOPLE THAT ITS BROKEN and your waiting on maintance or the plumber .....
  12. If it's below about 60F then no, you'll have to find some other place to hide them.

    But really, your grow setup should be stealth anyway. If you would have to scramble because company is coming over then you don't have a secure grow op. Which also most likely means you don't have odor under control either.

    Set up your grow in a cabinet, closet, box, etc so that you can control temps and odor while giving the plants good airflow, in a spot in your house where people rarely go.
  13. thanks guys lots of good information . ive got odor takin care of god venilation tube shit or whatever the fuck is i had a buddy come in and help me set up stuff hes a pretty good grower hes the one that got me started growing.

    and thank you 77401 good idea thanks guys
  14. nobody is saying you dont have a rep to uphold dude. we're just telling you answers to your questions. theres not much you can do in your situation. you should have researched a lot more before growing. im not saying you didnt but....

    you need to have backup plans. and if you plan it well enough, you wont need half of the backup plans you make.
  15. hey im not trying to be pissy sorry if i was sounding that way but ur right i should prolly do some research and get a grow guide maybe ahaha. i really thought it was going to be simpler than this

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