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    Hi all,

    Just got my tax return and sent some of it to for a new setup. Can't wait! I'm entirely new to all glass setups so I require some advice. Here is my current apparatus:

    For my first all glass arrangement I am going with a Blaze bong (with a carb hole), a one hit cone/bowl and the 11 arm Blaze percolator ash catcher but here already with me at home I have a carbon filter... Now here is where it gets tricky I am an Aussie and smoke Australian style 'cones' (one hitters to you US folks maybe?) meaning we pull the entire cone into the bong in one hit and inhale all the smoke. Now I want to enjoy smoking but make it as healthy as possible so my question becomes... Can I setup my soon-to-arrive bits as follows:

    One hitter cone/bowl > Blaze 11 arm Percolator A/C > Carbon Filter > Down Stem > Blaze bong

    And still smoke Aussie style? As in pull the entire cone into the A/C and then have it filtered by the carbon AFTER the A/C? I know this means my A/C will still get dirty but I'd prefer to clean it once every few days rather than have my Carbon filter before the A/C and not be able to pull my weed down.

    Basically I am looking to maximize the new setup but without sacrificing any of my smoking habits/traditions or find out ahead of time if having my cake and eating it to is not possible so I can prepare myself for smoking in a new style? And whether or not I will run into problems with the carbon filter and getting ash and resin in it if I set it proposed above?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. sounds like a nice setup but what is the cost of all of this? and you will be smoking in style compared to no bong haha

  3. It cost me $250ish :).

    Oh yeah I can't wait hahaha... It's gonna blow the socks off me and my mates XD
  4. Niiiice man. You're going to have a blast. I just call smoking the bowl in one go 'snaps'. Its the best way to go ^.^. Your setup sounds fantastic and I'm sure you won't be dissapointed.

  5. you're gonna notice quite a big upgrade, my friend :) you should also consider a Sherlock arm for your ashcatcher so you can use it as a bubbler as well. the only issue you'd run into with that set up though, is the stability of the piece with the carbon adapter holding all the weight of ashcatcher and bowl. it will work, but i don't recommend it. i've never used a carbon adapter, but maybe someone here can chime in and let us know about pulling ash into a carbon catcher.
  6. I was hoping so!

    I'm not too familiar with bubblers yet. I am attempting to aware myself. Youtube is helping :)

    My Blaze bong is a beaker style so I was hoping it won't be too front heavy and falling over all the time. My main worry is pulling ash into the carbon filter as I am sure this isn't meant to be how it's done? It can't imagine the filter being good for more than 2-3 cones if that was the case.

  7. ah yes, youtube's good for so many things. i should have further clarified myself, i meant it wouldn't be good on the carbon filter to have all the weight. could break it, you know?
  8. Yeah I'm with you now. It's only short so we'll see how the setup holds up.

    Anyone able to chime in with pulling 'snaps' into the carbon filter after the ash catcher? Can I or can I not?

  9. lol don't know why i didn't think of this before, but i'm sure you'd be fine to snap your bowl into the a/c and finish your hit like you're used to, and then after your hit just remove the a/c so there's not that weight causing stress on that adapter. alternatively, you could set a stack of books under the a/c so it has something to rest on when you put your bong down.
  10. True! That would solve any extra weight hanging off the front end. I suspect pulling the ash catcher may help to keep the carb filter cleaner too?

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