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questions about firecrackers...

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by LightItUp28, May 18, 2010.

  1. last night i came home stoned with only about half a dime and i didn't want to smoke anymore, so i broke it up as best i could (considering i don't have a grinder) and made a small rectangular firecracker with it using graham crackers and peanut butter i mixed in with regular butter to (hopefully) increase the fat and speed up the process. so, never having successfully made a firecracker before, i have a few questions.

    1. if i'm making a firecracker out of two rectangles from a graham cracker and my nasty-ass peanut butter/dairy butter mix, how much is a decent amount of bud?

    2. mixing peanut butter with regular butter - good idea or pointless?

    3. if i leave the firecracker to sit out rather than cooking it, how long should i have to wait before it becomes potent enough based on the amount i added (half a dime)

    4. did i totally screw this up?

    let me know how you like to prepare you firecrackers (amount of bud, cooking it/letting it sit out, etc.)

    peace and thanks in advance
  2. 1. The amount of bud is what matters, and a MINIMUM amount of peanut butter or butter. Put enough so it gets absorbed, anything extra just provides more oil to absorb it but means you'll be eating more too. If it's dank, .5 per, if it's shit, 1 per.
    2. If you want more oil, just use natural peanut butter. I'm guessing that will work but taste terrible.
    3. I don't know if a dime is a g or half of one in your town, but in mine it's half a g. In which case, if you have about .25, I'd leave it for a couple days, especially if it's not dank. Even if it's good enough/enough quantity to work, it'll become more potent over time, so why not? :D
    4. Doesn't sound like you screwed it up. You could have done it MORE right, but you didn't do it wrong. Plus, it's half a dime man, relax! We all are learning.
  3. If you're not using heat leave them for at least five days.
  4. I say make brownies with coconut canna oil. you WONT regret it!!! Nearly 92% healthy saturated fat with a yum coconut flavor!


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