Questions about finding the right ventilation system.

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    So a few questions i have here i have read that LxWxH/5 is the way to find out my cfm. Is the 5 the minutes it takes for the air to fully circulate a room? When i plugged my grow room measurements into that formula i end up with this.


    Does that math look correct? Is 5 a good amount of time to circulate a room or should i go with like 2-3minutes? Thanks for the advice guys my plan is coming along great with the help of all you great growers!:smoke::smoke::smoke::wave:

    Edit: Do inline fans run air in and out(Newb to this stuff)?
  2. go with at least a 50cfm fan for your space.

    no, inline fans only move air one direction.
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    This is just for air circulation though. Your going to need more then that to cool your room, I'd get at least a 6" fan (400 something cfm depending on the fan).
  4. LxWxH=CF,CFx3(air circulation)=CFM, x2 for carbon scrubber
  5. 6.5 feet x 3 feet x 8 feet = 156 cubic feet of grow space

    156 x3(removing the air in your grow space three times a minute)=468 cubic feet a minute

    468 x 2 for air restrictions on your fan = 936 CFM rated fan

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