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  1. Hey GC, so I'm about to order a Magic Flight Launch Box off the internet today (its a portable vaporizer for those of you that dont know), and I'm a senior in high school, I'm 19, obviously still living with the parents, and they're not cool with me smoking. I'm ordering it with a visa gift card off either Volcano Vaporizer, Herbal Vaporizer, Extreme Vaporizer, Vapir Vaporizer or I was planning on using UPS or fedex tracking (whichever one the site I order off of uses) and staying home from school on the day it's supposed to arrive, so my parents wont have a clue.

    Now, says they use fedex, but puffitup doesnt say whether they use UPS or fedex. From what I've heard, fedex can be somewhat inaccurate with their tracking and estimated delivery times, and I've had more experience with UPS. My question to you is, whats your experience and opinions of UPS and fedex? You have to be there to sign for the package with both services right? And kind of an odd question, but if fedex and ups deliver between the hours of 8:00am and like 7:00pm, and usually from my experience, they deliver during the afternoon, how do they expect people to be home during the day to sign for the package, cuz people are usually at work during the day. And do you think its a good idea to play it safe and stay home from school on the day BEFORE its scheduled to arrive as well? (I have major stomach problems, Crohn's disease actually, which is also why I smoke in the first place, so staying home from school sick a couple days wont be an issue). Thanks :wave:
  2. i dont think you ALWAYS have to sign for something. Usually they just ring the doorbell and leave it at the front door. Only signed for something once it was weird i was high as fuck and the UPS guy had this little electronic signy thingy and i scribbled some shit like :confused::eek:
  3. I'm pretty sure you only have to sign a package if you do an express order. There is an option where you are required to sign the package to let the company know it was delievered to you.
  4. I ordered my MF Launch Box from with a grinder - didn't have to sign for it.

    Ordered on Thursday morning, was in my mailbox on Saturday (I live on the West coast) - awesome service. You can always e-mail their support and tell them you don't want a signature...I think as long as it's below a certian dollar amount, you don't have to sign.
  5. both ups and fedex tracking has always been acurate on the arrival days for me, the only time fedex wasnt there on a day they said it would be delivered was cause of a storm along the route so packages got delayed

    my only problem with ups in my area though, the guy doesnt drop off the damn packages till like 7pm!!! fedex always has arrived prompt usually by 11am
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    I checked on and they only do saturday deliveries if you order express shipping, so I'm good. Cuz if it came on Saturday when my parents are home I'd be fucked, lol. But I live in Ohio, so do you guys think that if I ordered it tonight, and it got processed and shipped out tomorrow, that it would come on friday? Cuz I'm really thinkin about playin it safe and stayin home thursday just in case it comes a day early, cuz I've heard of that happening before.
  7. anybody have any experience with how fast the postal service ships? cuz apparently thats what they're usin to send me my vape

  8. depends on where it is being shipped from and where your at, as well as the method used to ship

    regular first class is from a day to about a week depending on how far it travels, usually around 2-4 days though

    priority is stated at 2-3 days average, but can be next day as well depending on location. i believe at the usps website they have shipping estimates
  9. call your local fedex/ups and tell them youll pick it up at there location ;)
  10. Yep - pickup is always available. Call as soon as you get the tracking number.

    I've been having issues with FedEx here. The tracking is a little sketchy, they've lost several document envelopes, and the drivers have been awful. This is all in the past few weeks, too. We've had them leave a door tag when we were ten feet from the door and got there in a few seconds. We called to tell them to leave the package and also left a note, and instead they didn't deliver and made us pick up. (Yes, you can do that too if it's signature required.) This time we called ahead and told them to notify the driver to please wait 1-2 minutes for us to get downstairs. I ran down, and he was PISSED to have to stand there for a minute. Haven't had issues with UPS or USPS lately, just FedEx.
  11. About the staying home thing, the package will usually say "Out for Delivery" the morning that it is going to be at your place so just check the tracking each morning until you see that. I've had a TON of issues with USPS so as long as you stay away from them you are pretty safe.

    Now personally, FedEx usually comes in the afternoon by me and UPS in the morning but it is all random. Maybe try thinking about to when theyve been there in the past, they usually do follow some kind of route. Worse comes to worse you can pick it up.

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