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Questions about edibles on an airplane

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by jRuu, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Hey,
    I'm going to the Philippines in a couple of days, and I really want to get high there.
    I heard that the country's policy on marijuana is very strict. ( A long time in jail or even a death penalty )
    I wouldn't want to take the risk of bringing weed there,
    but I was really thinking about taking along edibles to enjoy on the beaches or on the flight over there (getting high in the airplane, on the windows seat looking at clouds and shit )
    You think I could bring a cookie or brownie on my carry-on bag? Will there be dogs sniffing it or so forth? Do they search your carry-on bag for food? Does the xray that scans carry-on bag pick up THC or weed edibles or drugs of some sort?
    what exactly are the procedures checking out a carry-on bag on an international flight ?
    Has Anyone done it before?
    Would the smell of the cookie be obvious? Any techniques other than vacuum seal it ?
    Do dispensaries sell vacuum-sealed edibles?

    Or perhaps if I put an edible in my luggage? Would the xray see it and confiscate it?
    Do they confiscate food?


    If I could make it in the plane at least with my edibles.. I'd be truly high above the skies.......
  2. If there is a death penalty involved WHY THE FUCK would you take any risk at all in any way shape of form. Seriously.

    Sorry for not actually answering but, come on..
  3. Never take weed or any other illegal substance on a plane. Not only will you be charged with posession, but also intent to smuggle out of the country. Don't do it.
  4. Just eat the brownies before you get to security. By the time your through all that, the high should be starting. And edibles, if made right, can last a long time.
  5. As you mentioned dispensaries I assume you have an MMJ card. If you can get weed for certified medicinal reasons :)D), then you may be able to bring weed into the country as a prescribed medicine. Find out about importing medicines into the Philippines. If you CAN'T get weed in a legal, medicinal, prescribed way (i.e. you just have a hook-up at a dispensary), then don't risk this shit especially if you could get "A long time in jail or even a death penalty". Go somewhere that has a less-than-Nazi drug policy and don't support the economy of a country who's government is a bunch of assholes.
  6. Edibles take longer to kick in and last for longer too. So you may as well eat all your edibles right before you walk into the airport- just to be safe =D

  7. By no means an expert but is say eat 1st. Took mine about an hour to kick in.

  8. By no means an expert but is say eat 1st. Took mine about an hour to kick in.
  9. It's not a good idea to try this. Why would you want to smoke so bad you can't wait a few days till you're back?

    I personally dislike airports and have had unpleasant experiences. I stop smoking a week in advance before going on an airplane (just a paranoid little habit I have had for a while)
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    On domestic flights you can smuggle weed on your person. I dunno some places have those new body scanners, but normally its just the metal detector. They do have police dogs who can sniff out Cannabis, but typically you will rarely see them. I've smuggled weed in small packets, stored on my person.

    So I imagine it's even easier with baked goods. You could toss a tin of brownies into your bag, and just be like, "Mom's specialty..." or something if they ask. But if they had a dog sniff them out the dog would figure it out.

    However, going International you're just crazy if you attempt to smuggle anything. International security checks can be pretty intensive, and you might be body scanned, searched manually, or sniffed by dogs on the other end.

    Especially going to the Phillipines.....the laws there can be pretty strict.

    If you go into an urban area, you can probably find some while you're there.
  11. International flights might be harder to do. I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to bring some bud cookies on for the flight. Just make some weak bud cookies and put like, 3 in a little smell-proof bag, then it won't look suspicious at all.
  12. Eat a brownie when you get to the airport, enjoy the flight, and check out www.webehigh.com when you get there. Don't travel with drugs in Asia. Seriously.

    Have a great time!
  13. well my intentions arent really to smoke or eat my edibles in the country, but really on the way there. ( 8 hours+)
    I just want to eat a few crumbs while on the airplane so I could enjoy the flight.

    The main concern is, is the TSA suspicious about baked goods . Can their scanners pick up THC or the ingredients in edibles. Like , would they find out 1 brownie edible, along with a regular batch of brownies?? Would they open the plastic container and sniff it out? Do they have dogs sniffing for for the scent??
  14. An MMJ recommendation in most states is only valid in that state - its not even valid federally, so it most DEFINITELY would not be valid internationally.

    It sounds like you have never flown before. X-Ray machines can't pick up ingredients of food.... that's just silly :) Scientists can do that with microscopes and such - not the TSA peeps.... :D

    To be perfectly honest. If your brownies aren't very potent... you could feasibly put them in a bag and put them in your carry on and you should be fine. But if they smell like weed, you could get popped. what I would do - is carefully open a wrapper of another food item... put the brownie in that brownie wrapper or cookie wrapper or whatever.. make sure its a similar item - and then seal it back up as if its a new Oreo or something... My friend does that with candy boxes when he flies hash back home from coming to expos out here.

    As for dogs... I've flown over 50 times in my life and the only time I ever saw a drug dog, I wasn't even anywhere near security.
  15. I was thinking the same thing because I am going abroad soon. My original plan was just to eat an edible right as i got into the airport, but I am also debating sealing them up with other foods in my carry-on so that I can eat it during the plane ride (its a long ass trip) because I'm sure my high will wear off after my first layover.
  16. No, scanners do not pick up THC. Only the dogs can find it if it's baked. If they suspect it, they can then have the cookie tested, while you wait in a cell.

    It is VERY doable, but I would definitely eat that shit before you touched down at any International Airport.

    I don't know about baked goods. I've had them let me through with parts of sandwiches in my pocket, soda's, and so on, but some airlines will tell you to throw it away if they see it. IF they see it.

    Stuff a few cookies in a subway napkin, in a subway bag in your pocket, or throw some brownies in a brownie wrapper in your pocket. Make it look store bought. Conceal it in your pocket, not in your bag. Make sure you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING metal on your person, so you can just breeze the scanner and hurry past. Once you get past the scanner your scott free until you land.

    Very importantly, if they see them, or inquire about them, just be like "Oh I forgot about those", and discard them without ANY hesitation. If you hesitate it will make them suspicious. Locate the nearest trash before you even get to the lady with the wand, so if they do bring them up you can hurriedly toss them into the trash. Play it cool, of course

    Good luck.

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