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  1. I have 3 aircooled hoods ducted together with a 6in fan pulling air threw them, would it help to add another 6in fan on the end of the duct line pushing?
  2. Also its about 35 feet of ducting total from end of reflector line to outside.
  3. Inline fan or a duct booster fan? Cfm rating?
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    They are both inline fans, both are 440cmf
  5. Yes another 6" would help me thinks
    Even a booster fan at the end, but a 6 " fan is prolly not quite enough for 35'

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  6. You would be suprised, it pushed pretty good with 1 fan now it will take your hat off at 35 feet of ductwork
  7. I have 6 cool tubes. 3 in each room all hooked to the same ducting.

    I use a 6 inch in each tent right after the carbon filter and then i have 1 8 inch fan right before the exhaust. Temps still get a bit high amd had to add a/c

    Total system 3600 watts hps
    Total cfm 1620 cfm
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