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Questions About Detox And Passing A Drug Test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheOrangeBaron, May 21, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I'm new to the City. This is my first post and I have a few serious questions for those who are willing to answer. Firstly, let me explain my pretty typical situation. I have a drug test in six days, on May 28th, and I have stupidly just quit smoking today. I have been smoking every day, multiple times a day, for the past eight months or so. I am 5'8, 142 pounds and I am in good shape with a fast metabolism. My questions are: what are some viable, decently trustworthy options for possibly passing? Does detox methods work? I've heard that synthetic urine is easily detected due to temperature changes and different chemicals. I'm also too nervous to try using someone else's urine because of temperature changes, etc.

    Any true help for any of you guys would be very, very much appreciated! I just need to somehow pass this possible test in six days if possible!
  2. dang with that much daily smoking its going to take around a month to clean your system
  3. I'm going to lay this out very simple for you. Use clean a friends clean piss and follow these steps. As long as no one is watching you pee your good to go.
    1) Buy a jock strap
    2) buy some compression shorts
    3) Buy a 3oz bottle
    4) Day of the test have your friend piss in the bottle.
    5) Place clean sample in jock strap pouch and position by ur ball sack.
    6) Your own body heat will keep it ~96 degrees
  4. Thanks Van! Can I use my girlfriend's incredibly tight spandex shorts? And won't a 3oz bottle be a little bulgy? Is there anything else?
  5. Youll need atleast three ozs i went to an interview while wearing to pair of boxera an the pee with one handwarmer was 98half an stayed
    wasnt too bulky youll find nothing smaller most fake pee comes witg temp gauge and moat detoxes work just talk to your lhs an ask em.
  6. Are you guys talking about a plastic bottle? Because I worry my body wouldn't keep the urine warm through plastic. And will just one hand-warmer work?
  7. #7 kush70, May 21, 2013
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    it will keep it warm - i've taped it right above my uhmmm Weapon Of Mass Distraction lol and had no problems -
    its not bulky at all
    the handwarmer takes an hour to get 94-96 degrees
    if your in a hurry take the top off the synthetic and microwave it for 5 seconds - itll speed up the time it takes to get up to temp !
    it does work , i know for a fact !
    good luck
  8. I really appreciate all the info I'm getting guys.

    I guess I'm going to use my friend's clean piss and use either a travel size Scope bottle or some other 3oz bottle and tape that with a hand warmer taped against it to my leg under my nads. How long before can I get the urine? Does it go bad after so long?
  9. Friends piss or synthetic. But seriously if you know you have a DT coming up just stop. Even if you use a friends/synthetic there is still a little paranoia of "what if they know". I love that feeling giving them the cup knowing 100% I passed, no questions about it. 

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