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  1. I finally received my DBV in the mail yesterday and I haven't stopped using it since. I'm pretty sure I'm using it right but I just wanted to make sure. I set my dial to about 1 o'clock for the first 2 hits and I get a pretty decent sized vapor cloud and I can taste the weed pretty heavily but with a stale popcorn taste thrown in as well. For the next 3 hits I turn the dial to about 2 o'clock and I still get a pretty decent sized vapor cloud but they taste a-lot more like burnt/stale popcorn. Depending on how big of hits I took I can sometimes get 2 more hits if I turn the dial to 3 o'clock. But by the time I do that the weed usually looks burnt when it comes out.

    The first picture shows how much I load into each bowl. Am I loading enough into the bowl? Do I need more/less? The second picture shows what my weed typically looks like when I can't get any more decent vapor. Do you think I can get more out of my weed or am I already trying to hit it too much? By the way, this is just some regs that I smoke during the day so I don't knock myself out when I have something to do. Will I get better results if I smoke with the dank that I have?

    Sorry if none of this makes any sense :smoking:

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    As long as there's enough bud to cover the screen, you're good to go.

    In that second pic, you have black chunks of bud, and that's not good. It indicates a few things. One, is that you need to make sure that you stir the bowl between every few hits so that you get an even vape throughout. Secondly, either the temp is set too high, or you are drawing too slow. There should be no black remains. It should be a range from golden brown to dark brown, but not black.

    Another indication that you are running it too hot, is that you are getting that burnt popcorn smell and taste right away. You should ONLY be tasting and smelling that when you bud has reached the point where it has been vaped as much as it can be. The hits should taste like good tasting weed.

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