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Questions about court

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weedisthebest, May 10, 2011.

  1. Background: I am gonna try to stay vague here... So I don't really have any past history. I am 20ish years old and a while back, during a routine traffic stop another situation transpired unrelated to weed that ended with being charged for a misdemeanor. The police officer wasn't a douche, but was very strict and by the rules. So I wasn't let off with a warning. Luckily I was dry at the time and had nothing on me drug related. Anyways, I have not smoked since out of caution.

    My question is this: Since I have never dealt with anything like this before, will I be drug tested when I arrive for my hearing or for the trial itself? If I get probation, will I be drug tested weekly even though the charge was not drug related whatsoever?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. may help if you can tell us what states this didn't happen in..:laughing:

    Really all of this changes from state to state.. ;)
  3. Yes, they will have the lab located in a carved out hole right behind the Judge...Come on now...
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    It's really up to the judge/court system. Anyone on probation CAN be randomly tested at anytime if they put it on your probation rules. If your misdemeanor wasn't drug/alcohol related, then the chances are a little better that you won't be drug tested. Basically, they want everyone on probation to stay on probation forever, so they can keep collecting that money. so, drug testing is pretty common.

    If they test you on the court date, and you fail, they will more than likely let you go with a warning. but only that first time. then they will probably test you more often. also, never admit to smoking weed when they ask you. because they will ask you if you get put on probation, if you drink or do any illegal drugs. some people get nervous and dmit it ight away.... then of course they will test you.

    Basically... none of us know. It's up to the court. non drug related crimes liken your chance of not being tested.

    no, but if the judge puts you on probation, they can say, "okay go directly to the probation office, and take a urine test."
  5. If the charges are in no way drug related, they have no reason to drug test you.
  6. VA might be the state ;)
  7. ^ +1

    As long as you don't come in baked and look nice it will just be a routine court run-through.
  8. you might want to look up the state penalties for the crime you are charged with. That will give you a better idea of what to expect, and what to do.
  9. Max penalties are 1 year jail time and $2,500 fine. But because I was honest with the cop during the whole situation, I am really hoping the case just gets dropped. But like I said I have NO experience in this area so haven't toked in nearly a month just in case. But I am a big guy so I'm still worried about failing the possible drug test anyways. Like I said I just wanted to get some other thoughts on my situation.
  10. Don't smoke until court, it isn't that difficult if you are stressing this much over it. A misdemeanor in most states is usually easy to plea-bargain with, if you don't have an attorney I advise getting a public defender...Even though public defenders tend to do fuck all for the legal situation, they can usually get you off with a plea-bargain.
  11. Go mad in the courtroom and attack the judge, tell them aliens made you do it and they will decide your mentally unwell and not fully responsible and then release you

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