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  1. Hey, I am growing 6 plants right now, I veged them for about 12-14 days, and I have been on 12/12 light schedule for about 4 days. The Reason I did that is because these are Bagseeds and I wanted to know the sexes.

    Question 1. As soon as I figure out the sex can I turn back into veg, or will this stress the plant. ( I've been reserching about 12/12 schedule and have been somwhat impress, I did veg for close to 2 weeks so.)

    Question 2. If it's not recomended to do that can I take clones from a plant that has just started to flower? And could I use these clones and veg them without stressing them?

    I am using a 250mh/250 hps, Daystar AC reflector, plus a 125w Warm CFL from Sunleaves.
  2. Also I am using soil, and plan to LST as soon as possible.
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    its possible you may cause stress. I wouldn't forwer then go back to veg simply because it takes a few weeks for flowering to take into effect....then if u switch back to veg. it could take weeks for it to go back into veg. state. If anything, take a clone from them ( at 14 days old I dont know if u'd have any grow shoots i dunno if you can even do that , unless u take the main growth shoot at a clone) then root em and flower em to see sex.

    otherwise just let them veg for 4 or 5 weeks (while you lst the whole time) ....around weeks 4 or 5 ish of veg. they should show preflowers which will tell you their sex without flowering.

    if your space if could always trim them down....or once u know the sex...just take clones and toss the big plants and start freash knowing what sex you have then u can do 12/12 from clone or veg them however long u want.

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