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Questions about Canadian MMJ

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Salguod, May 18, 2010.

  1. So I know there are no dispensaries in Canada. So I assume that all patients must grow their own or have a designated grower. Correct? If this is true what is the deal with the compassion clubs?

    More importantly

    So my friend is in the process of talking to his doctor etc, and will be getting approval soon. How would I go about becoming her designated grower? It it just paperwork, or what?

    Any insight or thoughts about canadian MMJ appreciated.
  2. Surely someone can help me out..
  3. The process is very easy and there are a multitude of dispenseries available to get your seeds and or product. I am sorry you have been misinformed, this being one of the biggest hurdles any new patient goes through.

    Where do you live?

  4. I'm in Ontario. How easy would it be for me to sign on as patient's grower? Is that all it is, paperwork? And making sure I've got an appropriate place to do it as well, theft prevention etc. I've read the website.
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    To be a patients grower... you have to go to the government. Going to a dispensary is much easier cause you dont have to go through the government.

    The patient must have a NEED for marijuana. It can't just be for depression or anxiety, etc. The easiest way to do it is if you know someone who has seizures.

    I'm in vancouver btw. There are 2 dispensaries that i know of there might be more... the dispensary and the compassion club
  6. Hey Illuminate,
    I believe you missed the point of the question. the correct answer is "yes" you can just fill out the paper work and wait, sometimes it takes 6 months so dont be thinking your growing tomorrow.


    Your friend has to assign you the right in his/her paperwork. I can have all the forms emailed to you directly if you choose. The seeds and/or product can be legally mailed to you once you have the grow license. Here is the proper canabis formula for buying in Canada - Compassion club + Dispensary = 1.

  7. Thanks so much! I sent you an email :)

    One more question.. The dispensary mentioned in the post above you is not for profit. People are trying to change the Canadian laws to allow for more Californian style, for profit dispensaries, correct?
  8. any help on this last question, regarding for profit dispensaries in canada?

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