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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the answers! I want to start a grow with a 4x4 tent. Im thinking of using 5 gallon fabric pots. and my grow light is

    Spider Farmer® Upgraded SE5000 480W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
    Im thinking im gona do 18/6 hr lights, and im gonna try to do Sea of Green and LST on the plant. and the strain i picked was Buy Wedding Cheesecake Auto Cannabis Seeds | Fast Buds

    Wedding cheesecake fastbuds.

    my goal is to get minimum 100G of each plant.

    My question is do you guys think this setup will be valid? And if so, have any ideas what type of nutrients, grow medium, boosters and other methods i can best use?

    I think Coco is good?

    Im trying to start slow on my first grow and want to do it as easy as possible to ensure i atleast get some yield from the first grow.

    So i dont want to go crazy with the feeding and nutrients and training just yet. Im thinking of growing 6 of these in the 4x4. I basically want to try to make the process as easy as i can in the beginnning while going for that 100g mark.
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  2. Photoperiods > Autoflowers
  3. You have set a very realistic goal. I would suggest 10 gallon pots using no-till soil. Drop by Organic sinse's thread and read the first few pages and then ask questions. Auto flowers are very easy to screw up and will yield poorly if you do not get the first several weeks of the grow to go smoothly. Here's a link to his thread.

    Automatics make good Organic sinse
  4. 100g mark is that wet or dry?
    always good to get the seed before any training is involved

    good luck
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  5. I'd hope he was talking about dried. 100 grams wet isn't much for 480 watts of lighting.
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  6. Second this is a realistic setup imo. I've been growing photos for a couple of years but just ran my very first autos (breeder sent the wrong seeds) this fall, so while I knew a little bit about growing weed, I knew nothing about autos for my first grow.

    Anyway 4 Banner autoflowers easily fit into a 4x4 tent section for me for their whole life cycles, not knowing shit about autos I topped and screened them like my photos, and I easily think a 5th plant would have fit in there had I just trained them a bit, but it might get crowded (my biggest banner auto stem finished at just under 4 feet)
    I grew them under a spider farmer SF-4000, and for the most part never needed to run it above 80% (where I was getting about 1,150 umol/s on the canopy with full coverage on the 4x4 area), and your light is even better.
    Start to finish they ran about 105 days, after 6 weeks of dry and cure I averaged 3 to 4 ounces (around 100 grams a plant) so pretty close to your plans.
    I did 5 gallon pots, half Ocean forest, half build-a-soil 3.0 mix. I fed them 1-2 times per week as they got bigger using big bloom and tiger bloom with the water.

    I'm actually running my second set of autos atm, that I plan to just Lst and run 4 per 4x4 section with an SF-4000 powering each section, now that I know at least a bit what to expect, I'm curious to see how much more yield I can pull.

    Anyway there are way more effective and cheaper mixes and methods, I just laid out mine as its about the laziest ass way to grow weed I've found that has produced (for me) consistently good buds.

    @420JoeBlow I agree that in that I prefer to grow photos, I find the yields better even when accounting for the extra grow time, and also they can take much more abuse and still produce especially from a lazy dude like myself who might forget to water or feed for a few days, etc.

    But then again I pretty much know the strains I prefer and only grow a couple new ones per year just to see what else is out there, I could see how someone who just wanted to grow or smoke as many strains as possible would prefer the auto route. Since I live somewhere the state limits the number of plants I can grow though, photos were the route for me!
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  7. Ive grown photos under 12/12 light from seed to harvest. They grew a lot like autos except thinner branches and more node spacing between buds which is a good thing. The more spread out they are the better, more consistent the flower is. But they did need support where i never grew an auto that couldnt hold itself up. But again, thats a good thing; less stem. I found with autos i would get some nice tops and everything under them was fluffy nonsense. It does take 1-3 weeks longer overall but only running lights 12 hours instead of 18-24 saves a lot of juice.
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