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    So I've been enjoying the herb for about 6 months now and just started smoking it about 3 months ago. When I smoke its usually out of a small bong or a joint/blunt if I'm with a group of friends. After reading about how efficient and healthier vaping can be I've become interested in purchasing one.
    So far I like the Arizer Solo for it's portability and price. I have a few questions. About how many draws can you get out of one packed chamber? What temperature level do you recommend for achieving the best high? Would the first few draws be harsh on me because I'm used to using a bong with Ice water?
    Thinking about getting it here:

  2. You can get about 20 hits from a tightly packed to the brim bowl, but an average bowl (about halfway) gets me 10-15 hits. It's all personal preference for the high, a lesser temp for a more head high and a higher temp for a more stoney high. It's definitely drier than a bong with ice water and that's usually the cause of people coughing with vapes, you could filter it through your bong though if you get some 1/2" food grade silicon tubing. The seller looks legit.
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    one thing to note about amount of hits is that it completely depends on the temp and bud, the danker the bud the more hits you will get from it and the pattern follows the other way of course. (i would say I almost always get more than 20 hits out of a solo bowl)
    And for a more specific answer on temp settings i usually start at 4 and once I start getting small amounts of vapor I change the temp to 6. I also do 3 to 5 sometimes both work well for me and likely would for you too but I recommend messing around a bit and seeing what you like the best the good thing about the solo is you don't have much risk for burning your bud even at the highest temp so no worries about experimenting a little bit with it.
    Also buying things on ebay for a general rule is very safe, ebay and paypal buyer protection combined are crazy good at getting you your money back if you get scammed which hardly ever happens especially with people that have more than like 10 feedback. 
    And I beleive i bought my solo from the very same person haha.
  4. Excellent, thanks for the info you two.


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