questions about a closet setup:

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brian8472, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. ok so my mom said i can grow some weed in my closet and i was just curious about a few things:

    for reflective surfaces will tin foil be good? i was thinking of covering the interior in tin foil to keep the heat focused on the plant good or bad idea?

    next, i was thinking of taking 2 plastic containters about 30 cm in length and 10 cm in width cutting circular holes in one and inserting the pot plant in a small circular conrainter with some holes in the bottom with soil so it can soak up some water , the next containter will have 2 more plants in it both connected with plastic tubing hooking up to the pump so create a circuit of water good idea or bad?

    finally i was wondering quick question 20-20-20 i see fertalizers with these numbers i know the last number is potassium but what are the first 2 numbers?

    i was thinking of useing a 500 watt floresent lamp but if i did i wouldnt need that tinfoil but im kinda worryed about having a fire break out if the lamp gets too hot so i would like some imput on what to buy

    any extra imput you think im neglecting will mean alot of mentioned i have a budget of 900$ canadian to spend on this
  2. thanks for the advice ill take it :) also i was wondering i dont want to buy seeds and risk getting a male plant how hard is it to find somone who sells cloned females?
  3. if you dont want to buy seeds i'd just use bagseed or ask around if anyone has any clone (doubt youll find any though)

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