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questionnaire for smokers (just curious)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by alpacahigh, May 3, 2016.

  1. hi just a sociologist asking some questions because yay experiments

    - when did you start smoking?
    - why did you start smoking?
    - which method do you prefer (bong, pipe, blunt, etc etc)
    - fav strain or type? why?
    - the closest you've ever gotten with the police about weed (story time lol)
    - how often do/did you smoke (once a day, multiple times a day, all day ecery day, only weekends, etc etc)
    - how long did it take you to get clean (test neg on drug test)
    - do you prefer smoking with buds (lol) or alone?
    - fav movie or tv show to watch when stoned?
    - what's your paranoia level?
    - where do you usually smoke (bathroom, room, yard, etc etc)
    - fav weed accessory and why?

    THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO ANSWER , you can choose a few to answer or none or all lol
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  2. Tried cannabis first time at 17, only a few times. City busses were on strike so I decided it was as good a time as any, had been talking about trying it with friends who were party smokers.

    Turned 20, moved out with some friends 1 who dealt. Found true bliss :).

    Prefer bongs, indica over sativa, find that I don't get a good enough head high from sativa and continue to smoke more trying to find it. A woman was quoted in a local newspaper that her life was like looking at an internet browser and having 100 tabs open and being unable to focus. Smoking cannabis allowed her to close unnecessary tabs and instead being able to focus on 5 tabs.

    I'm a straight white male, easiest way through life. Had a police knock on door once for a party (noise complaint) been pulled over once with cannabis in car, no smell, let go with a "drive slower".

    Been high for the past 7 years, a few 1-2 day dry spells and 1 week long trip to visit wife's folks.

    Never been tested

    Prefer to smoke with others but got no qualms smoking alone.

    Fav shows/movies is kinda a silly question, to many.

    Low paranoia level now, used to be high but in a good way( play it safe)

    Smoke in my house.

    Bho vape pens, great for travel/vacation.
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  3. -First smoked at 18 but didn't really start regularly until about 19/20
    -My neighbor was a weed dealer & we would hang out a lot.
    -Bubblegum. The smell.
    -Honestly cops dont ever really bother me. They see me smoking on my porch & just drive right by
    -Multiple times a day.
    -A month. Stopped smoking to get a job & then missed my first day cause I went to jail fml (non-weed related)
    -Really not into tv or movies. I'm not usually home.
    -Zero. I never get paranoid. I've never understood that haha
    -In the car
    -Louis Vuitton grinder (not mine, my gf's but I bought it lol)
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    *I first smoked at 15 but didn't start regularly until about 16 or 17.
    *Some of my friends did it and I was interested in why they liked it so much.
    *I prefer bongs, but I also like joints and blunts. I usually use my pipe though (ironically) bc it's more convenient than other methods.
    *I don't have a favorite strain yet, but I prefer hybrids. The best of both worlds.
    *Only once have I been in a close call with police. I smoked a joint in my car and about 30 minutes later, I was pulled over for going 85mph in a 65mph. The cop said that he "didn't sense that alcohol or drugs played a part." Lol. Stupid ass cop.
    *I used to only smoke on weekends, but now I smoke like 6 or 7 times a day, every day.
    *Never been tested.
    *I prefer smoking with my best friend, but smoking alone is sometimes better.
    *Since I'm always high, I watch all my movies and TV shows stoned. But I like shit like Bob's Burgers, Workaholics, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, among others.
    *I used to be super paranoid when I was underage, but now that I'm 18 and have my California medical card, cops can suck a dick.
    *I usually smoke in my bathroom, my friend's bedroom, or my friend's car.
    *I really love my SLX 303 grinder.

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    Edit: I actually remember another run in with police. I was smoking a joint while driving and not paying close attention to the road (really fucking stupid, I know. I learned my lesson). I rear ended a car and while I completely totaled mine, the other car barely had a scratch. When my car was towed off the freeway, the cops started questioning me about weed. One cop asked me to show it to him. I grabbed my pill bottle that had about an eighth in it and the cop simply said to put it back away and let me off with a warning. :O
  5. - when did you start smoking? 16
    - why did you start smoking? To get high
    - which method do you prefer? Pipe
    - fav strain or type? why? Indica. I like a relaxing body high.
    - the closest you've ever gotten with the police about weed? Real close. Misdemeanor possession and paraphernalia
    - how often do/did you smoke? Multiple times a day
    - do you prefer smoking with buds or alone? Alone
    - fav movie or tv show to watch when stoned? Anything funny
    - what's your paranoia level? Depends on the weed
  6. -14
    - I was just curious
    - Blunt
    - We don't really use strain names here in my town
    - I got off somehow, it's a legendary story but way too long for now
    - Almost every day
    - I prefer having company, but I also value my alone time
    - Whatever is on tv and catches my attention
    - I get paranoid sometimes especially while smoking in the car
    - I have a shitty wooden grinder and a shitty glass bong, I roll blunts lol
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  7. I first started smoking around 14-15yrs but never really got high or anything like that, I was in grade 10 at that time, and just never like it or what have you, tho I was smoking cigarettes than.

    I started smoking because my cousin and our friend were smoking outside a movie theatre and I wanted to try it, (First time being high) 22yrs old.

    I smoke joints 97% of the time, in fact I'm smoking one now :), I'll only smoke blunts on at party or gatherings etc, I have smoked from everything except a vaporizer YET.

    My favourite strains they very really it all depends on what my day is looking like, if I know I have a lot to do but still want to smoke a lot, then I'll go either hybrid or a sativa dominate strain such as Thai it's a pure sativa from what I remember, although funny enough i smoke indica dominated strains most of the time l, but it's either a hybrid or an IDH mostly.

    Don't really have any police stories as I'm mostly a very safe smoker and don't smoke around where police are, the most I do is smoking at a movie theatre (outside in car while parked up).

    I'm a daily smoker, have been since 2013, I smoke anywhere from 1 gram a day, all the way up to a 4 grams, but mostly ill average about 1-2ish grams by myself on the daily, on the high end its mostly with friends and family.

    I have ever had to get clean for a job interview as where I've been working it just wasn't mandatory or anything like it is now, and I believe it's most common in the USA for drug testing for jobs, as everyone I know haven't had to say get clean, tho I'm not completely sure on the USA just from what I've read and seen on here.

    I'll either smoke alone or with a handful of close friends who I've grown up with and family.

    Actually this is pretty interesting question to me as far as shows go, a few weekends back I had just smoked a blunt by myself, and I was browsing Netflix and came across this show called brain games it's the most amazing thing to watch whole high, definitely recommend it.

    I don't really like paranoid anymore, I used to when I first started smoking as o would over do it and start to freak out, now I'm more of a mellow, relax at home on weekends type smoker, not to say I don't still get super high, it just takes a lot more now.

    I usually smoke at the house, and if I'm not there I'm at my cousins place smoking.

    I'll post a picture of my setup a bit later but it's mostly papers grinder etc.
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