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  1. I have a quick question about ventilation. Im growing in a toy box in my closet and there is NO ventilation, I have CO2 being pumped into the box but thats it. Should I get a vent or something in there? or will my plants be ok without it? How do i go about putting one in i.e. what should i use; fan, air filter, pump something else in? Much obliged.
  2. your gonna need some kind of ventillation...even if its one small fan or a few computer fans, anything will help.
  3. GO to a store and buy a 6inch oscilating fan to blow on the plants, makes em stronger and keeps it cool. but yes definately get some can action, or they will not grow that good because of bad gas exchange.
  4. alright, will do. Thanks for the help.
  5. you will need some ventalation. PC fans would work well, you need at least one, 2 would be better, one for inlet and one for exhaust. you will need at least 1 fan for exhaust and a passive inlet (no fan just a hole), these should be run off a timer inconjunction with your C02 bursts... plants like humans need to breath... think of it this way. your rooms/box's air should be changed at least once an hour when using C02...(even more without). so work out your C02's burst time ussually 1-2 mins (room dependant) then alow some stand time ( no fans or C02 being let out/turned on) allow 15mins for plants to "suck up" C02 then run the exhausts/vents for the remaining 43 mins of the hour.

    alot to take in , and i bet you thought you had it all covered... lol

    what are your temps like, humidity??? in your box...

    good luck
  6. The temp is in the low 80s humidity im not sure. but I got a new light and stupidly closed the box all night so it got really hot and now they are all droopy... man im telling you, this is so much harder than i thought it would be. Id take them outside right now and take my chances but its been raining here for days and I think they would drown.
    Next sunny day im takin them out

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