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Questioned a cop

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iGetsNice, May 23, 2010.

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    Title: Questioned by a cop

    Yesterday my friend decided to smoke weed for the first time in 3 years. Anyway we smoked a blunt and 1 bowl at his apartment. When we were done with our session we chilled for about 15 minutes and then I had to leave. We were walking to my friends car and a cop comes up to us out of no where and ask us if we live here and then he says "I smell bud fresh of you guys, who has the weed?" We tell him we dont have any and then he takes our ID's and starts questioning us but we deny and he lets us leave. I am wondering are they allowed to question you if you smell like bud? Also, can they search you if you smell like bud? (he didnt search us but im just curious)
  2. I'm guessing you're from America.
    But in the UK smelling like herb would definitely be reasonable cause for them to stop and search you.
  3. They can ask you whatever they want; asking questions isn't police brutality lol.
  4. Same goes in the usa.
  5. They can ask you whatever they want, but as far as I know you don't have to answer. You also don't need to give them ID in most cases I believe.

    If you do smell though, that is probable cause for them to search.
  6. A cop can ask you wheatever he wants its up to you to answer him though
  7. Since when is it outlawed to smell a certain way? :confused_2:
  8. In the US, I believe smelling like pot is only probable cause to search your vehicle in some areas.

    If they detain you for any reason then they are allowed to frisk you for weapons, but not drugs. Often times they will just reach in and pull out anything they find, though this is unconstitutional.

    In short, always ask "Am I being detained?" If not, then they have no right to do anything. If you are, ask on what grounds.

    This is all basic "know your rights" stuff that you should brush up on anyway.

  9. Well if you smell of an illegal substance then chances are you came in contact with that illegal substance :smoking:
  10. smelling like weed blatantly gives the officer a warrant to search you. The questionable part is why he came up to you in the first place...maybe he saw you smoking through a window or something of that sort, which also gives him warrant
  11. smell is probable cause. for example: you have bud in your car and a drug dog walks by and smells it. if the dog or the cop can smell it they can search it.
  12. You wouldn't happen to work for the compar Ranar would you? That where your names from?
  13. Smelling like herb is probable cause.
  14. They just have to "smell it" and this gives them probable cause which is all they need to search you.

  15. Yeah this sucks, i've heard of times from my friends when cops have just come up to them and said "i smell weed, you boys been smoking?" and they hadn't been at all, but then they get searched and they find something in their car that they completely forgot was there
    keep it clean :D
  16. they can search you if they smell weed on you
  17. If they don't smell anything, or see anything or see you moving around then they can't search you. If you get pulled over don't get nervous and start moving, they may think your reaching for or stashing a weapon in which case your ducked. Never run or try to resist, always remain calm.
  18. It really depends on the state you are in. The legal idea of "Marijuana smell as probable cause" bounces back and forth a lot.

    Just never consent to a search, the cop will do what the cop will do, then you talk to your lawyer if it gets that far.

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