questional bud??

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by le4ch, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. Hey, i was thinknig that this bud looked like some kind of widow cause it carries some of the effects. What do you guys think it is.

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  2. I smoked it all and didnt have my camera so i brought a bowl back to take a pic of .. what do you think?
  3. Well the green and orange colours doesn't really narrow it down much..

    Get back to me with some blue or purple nug, and I might be able to help you out.
  4. damnit, this is the only type of weed we can get around here ( washington state ) I have seeds coming and setting up some stuff with a friend. cant wait to smoke my own!
  5. my dad lives in tacoma and he ALWAYS has the bomber green! hes comin home next june...damn that seems so far away :smoke:
  6. The high is mostly in the body, like a tingle in the toes then moves up to the head area.

  7. That bud looks pretty good even though the pic ain't so hot. You could be stuck with a lot worse.
  8. I never said it was bad bud, this bud is pretty dense, most of the time you need to break it up to get it to smoke into the bong. this bud is good im just wondering what it is i think woody is right that it is some kind of white.
  9. Look, you can't determine what kinda bud it is...even if the photo was clear. With photos you can barely determine the quality of bud (sure you can differentiate schwag from kb, but that's the extent of it). Nothing more.

    -Good bud.

    That's it.

    And I believe that the type of high you get is more personal than an effect of a certain strain. It all depends on YOUR body and how you feel. The effects of white widow will be the same as any other good quality bud, it's just that it'll pack more of a punch.

  10. exactly, why do I see the same questions on gc. It's almost immposible to know what strain it is by just looking at it. You can get a good idea, but not for sure. Also, if you had it under a microscope, see the character traits of the glands and THEn maybe, would could narrow it down for you. By the way, white widow is very over-rated. Most of all those strains based off WW sucks cause those White Hairs everyone thinks looks so awsome, has nothing to do with THC. The glands on WW are very compact and dont hold that much.

    Fact: read this is latest High Times...sooo.....ya know.
  11. okay, im sorry for posting it wont happen again heh..
  12. mine has white everywhere- high trichome production!!

    (st#3 on left, ww on right)--the widow is sooo tasty- very un-fruity or sweet- its pungent and spicy, very nice taste. st 3 is the opposite, its as sweet as pot can smell, like pink grapefruit, and the taste is the same. 2 of my favorites.

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  13. that looks like some nice bud :) yummy

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