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Questionable gross-tasting perfumey weed...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by monkeycake, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. I just bought a 3g for $15 from a retarded man I know. It was double bagged but the interior bag the weed was in was torn and seemed old. The weed itself has a few light brown leaves on it and the buds are small, but they are fairly crystally. There was also a hair in it.
    Here's the thing: the weed has virtually no smell except for a very light perfume scent. And the taste... Is horrendous. I can't smoke it past the point where the bowl starts to get ashy because it's sickening tasting, unlike with other good weed where I can smoke the bowl all the way down.
    BUT... it did give me a pretty strong head high, which took about 10 minutes to hit. I'm just slightly worried about the integrity of this weed.
    Q: Would you smoke it?

  2. What did you smoke it out of?

    Hand pipe or bong?
  3. it's prolly really nasty bud that wasn't dried/cured correctly.... they prolly sprayed it with perfume to give it a smell...
  4. It's like a floral sweet basil smell. Idk. I'm really hoping I didn't put some nasty chemicals into my body.
    14 inch bong. I held it in for about 1.5 seconds.
  5. it would crackle while lit if it was sprayed heavily
  6. okay yea probably improperly cured then
  7. Try tasting a tiny piece of it!  Cannabis does not taste like the bottom of a test tube!
    If it tastes like cannabis, then try a water cure (run a search). You will be left with ugly, "blah-tasting" weed that smokes smoother than you would believe! :smoke:   This works on harsh, unflushed weed, too!  But it does NOT work on moldy weed!
  8. maybe roll it in spliffs to mask the taste? Also is the dude actually retarded or are you just saying that?
  9. Weed can get mold sometimes, be careful
  10. I've seen weed like that. What I saw had been carried in a ladys purse with a bottle of perfume.
  11. [quote name="monkeycake" post="19340173" timestamp="1389733799"]I just bought a 3g for $15 from a retarded man I know[/quote] does that answer your question?
  12. My money is on poorly flushed, dried and cured. You already said he's mentally challenged so if that's the case it was prolly cut and went straight to a baggie lol.
  13. picking early will make shitty bud too
  14. #14 Shifty007, Jan 18, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 18, 2014
    This usually happens when someone has stored weed in or around dryer sheets to mask the smell. The weed won't hurt you but tastes like shit for sure.
  15. Lol sometimes I get this familiar aroma from my weed and then a few days later I'm like fuck, this weed was stored with dryer sheets, I know that smell! Hahah always weird
  16. Retarded people gives retarded weed!

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