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questionable bong/pipe contruction material

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by on0bi, May 14, 2010.

  1. today i made a pipe. i'm not sure if the materials i used are very good to heat up. just wondering if anyone can put my mind at ease before i actually use it.

    i'm going to describe it, but i also have pictures. they aren't very good quality because of my webcam but they work.

    the bowl is the top of a chalula hot sauce bottle. i'm assuming it's glass because it looks and feels like glass but it has a tiny bit of a plasticy feeling to it, can anyone confirm or deny the existence of plastic in it?


    the way i made the bowl is like this:

    broke off the top of a chalula bottle

    in the wooden top, there is a plastic cap that is glued into the wood. i took that out and cut the end off it.

    i then drilled a hole in the wood and super glued a metal nut to the top of the hole to make the it a little smaller so the weed won't fall through. like this:


    i've tested it by holding a flame inside the bowl. when i do this, after about 30 seconds black smoke starts to rise. when i investigated, i saw that the plastic cap was starting to melt. so obviously it can't hold a flame for too long, but that is ok since you don't hold a flame to the bowl for that long anyway.

    what i'm wondering is, when i fill the bowl with herb, light it, and inhale, will the heat cause the super glue to vaporize and be inhaled? it's far enough away that there isn't direct flame on either the nut or the glue, but could the heat cause a problem?

    the whole pipe is made out of a pepsi bottle


    i know that these pictures don't really help much. i hope my drawing is good enough.

    thanks for any replies.
  2. This is probably the least healthy thing I have ever seen.

    The plastic cap alone is enough for me to not ever want to smoke out of that. I wouldn't trust the glue either, and I doubt a pepsi bottle is that safe either (if you made a bong it might be ok, assuming its a pipe though since thats what you said it was).
  3. ahh, damnit... i put a lot of time into this, i really wanted it to be safe
  4. I agree with OP, looks extremely unhealthy. If you're really that desperate, just make a gravity/waterfall bong out of a milk jug or a soda bottle.
  5. it's not desparity that made me make this stupid thing. i just wanted to make something cool to smoke out of.

    well...since this was a horrible idea, can anyone point me in the right direction for a good, safe DIY pipe build? i've tried gravity bongs like Grant suggested, but i'm looking for a more compact device. if i had a sobe bottle i could make a waterfall bong.
  6. TL;DR

    But just so you know, when constructing a bong, it is important the the bowl and stem is made of something that won't melt. Metal is best since it is commonly found around most people's houses, but glass and wood work too. Aluminum foil can be used for the bowl/stem also, it has been linked to alzheimers only because of the face that people with the disease have 20 times the amount of aluminum in their body than normal people, it probably has more to do with eating food containing aluminum rather than smoking out of aluminum. Plastic bowls will kill you, so that is a definite no. The bong itself can be plastic though, since by the time it gets there it has already been cooled by the water making it safe.

    For my homemade bong, socket wrench thing on top of a metal pen tube, stuck into a hole on the side of an arrowhead bottle. I ducked taped it to make it airtight, and I just suck out of the place you usually drink out of. Works pretty well, that is what you should do if you can't buy one.
  7. yes, i have made this before. i shall do it again. thank you
  8. You've gotta be careful about the household materials you smoke out of too. I heard copper is unsafe- something that poisons you or something. Idunno- don't wanna risk it. Glass is cool except for one thing- it's not usually designed to handle the heat you'll demand. Pipes are npot made from ordinary glass- they are made from borosilicate glass- which is stronger. They are also fired in a kiln (high temp oven) for several hours and allowed to gradually cool down so they will be safe to use... If you try to smoke out of different types of glass that have not received this treatment- you run the risk that the galass will overheat and explode.

    My fun suggestion- Make a bong out of a cool bottle or jar. I haven't done this but know those who have... Pick a cool bottle you like, and buy a drill bit from homedepot for glass. They're called "diamond tipped". Say it's for glass and they'll know what's up. Just get the right size one as a bong hole, and buy the rest of the stuff at a head shop. The bong slide, the down-pipe or whatever it's called, the gaskets. It will probably cost a little bit of cash to make the first one and then get cheaper once you have extra supplies...

    If you look at vinegar in the grocery store they have some cool shaped bottles. Wine bottles also make good candidates. Just use a small drill press to put the holewhere you want it at an angle on the side, and the rest writes itself...


  9. Glass will ultimately be the safest, the only plastic i would smoke out of are certified acrylics I bought at my head shop. I never thought about glass shattering but the dude has a point, if the glass shatters while your inhaling - kiss you lungs goodbye... then you gotta explain how you got glass shards in your lungs, people will think your a crackhead LOL. Just kidding but seriously, your health isn't anything to fuck with. . .
  10. ya, i'm super careful about what i smoke out of. that's why i came on here to ask anyone for their thoughts before i actually used the pipe i made. since it's obviously a bad decision, i threw it away.

    i'm trying to get a job in a head shop in the city, salt lake, so i'd have better access to material and people who know more than i do.
  11. Kids, be careful with cannabis. It will lead you to doing this to shitty diagrams:

  12. #12 Acid Raindrops, May 14, 2010
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    Here's what I would do if I was you.

    Get a metal tire gauge out of the garage and tear it apart.. It's not easy, you might need two pliers, the end result should be just a plain metal tube you can look straight through (The head piece should come off too with some effort)

    Then find a socket that is the perfect size, not huge but not small. If you turn the socket upside down the hole should be round, not square.

    The metal tube should be able to fit in it fairly well, it will probably sit loose, but should almost be airtight (not completely though), you can rig rig a paper clip around it some how so you can pull the bowl off the stem to clear the bong without burning yourself. If it's not air tight enough you might have to tie some electrical tape around the stem in just right spot so that the bowl pulls off the stem and goes back on easily but it's almost air tight.. Note, if you are using the right socket the electrical tape will not be exposed to fire because the socket sitting on the stem, if you look down the socket it almost fits but not enough for it to be tight and you don't want to put the tape at the way top of stem where it could be exposed..... Hope that doesn't confuse you.

    Now get a sobe bottle, or any type of drink bottle that is glass, and in the top of the cap towards one side, cut a small circular hole that your stem will fit in, if you do this perfect, you won't even need to seal it because it will be tight enough and hard to pull the stem in and out, put the stem as far as you can down but still have it sticking out enough where you can place the bowl on it easily.

    Then on the other side of the cap cut another small hole, nice and round, and stick a piece of rubber tubing or something in, that will be your draw hose, again if you do this perfect you shouldn't even have to seal it cuz it will be hard to stick the tubing in the hole but it'll be air tight.

    Long read, and probably confusing but I'm bored so I thought Id type it.

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