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  1. i know this is rediculous, but i've been smoking weed for quite some time now, and im planning on start growing my own outdoors! im currently trying to get loads and loads of outdoor growing, but one simple question....what part of the plant do you take once it is done growing? i know you don't take the leaves, but what part do i take from the plants? do i have to dry it out? do i have to store it in a certain place? sorry for such a noob question, but a noob to growing!
  2. Im a noob too. I found all my info on growing, which was enough to get started, by searching on for outdoor marijuana cultivation guides. Theres quite a few but they all seem to share the same basic information.
    and if you then need answers come on here!

    god bless the internet.

    anyone reading this thats knowledgable plz see my thread called "Help plants turning purple"
  3. look at the pic . that what u ave to harvest the big bud on the top. there will be one of them in theend of each branchs if its a female

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  4. what are you talking about 'the bud on the top'? i think i see what your talking about, but what do you do with it? just pick it off or something? dry it? what
  5. ya cut it and after suspend it on a dark room with ventilation. try to keep humidity down . a dry place is the best . dont use basement its too humid

  6. yep that is the deal.
    what u are trying to get is the female sex organs (arnt we all!!!!!).

    as the plant goes thru its life cycle, it will produce a female flower...that grows and grows and grows (if u are lucky) until the white little delicate pistil turn a brownish color. cannabis is an annual plant.

    but look out for males. cannabis has male and female plants and the female is what u want. if u dont have any males around (tho pollin can fly about 100+miles) u wont have any seeds. male flowers are small and round balls with yellowish pollin. im sure u can find some pictures of males and females on this site...but until u get good at it u wont know which is which til its prob too late. but it u grow 10 plants, u should have 1/2 female.

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