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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by medicinal27, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Could I use a blacklight AT NIGHT TIME to check my plants without disturbing their light cycle?
  2. No. Green LEDs will work tho. Most grow shops sell some type of green led flashlight.
  3. I paid 10 bucks for mine FYI. And it lights up my whole damn room. Very useful
  4. why green? lol
  5. If I can remember what the owner of my grow shop said, green does not have any detrimental side effects, and is the only color that will not disrupt the night cycle. I'm sure if you google it you will get better info, but from my experience, it works.
  6. Its the only color that is not absorbed by the plant thus not affecting the plant! I find that it can disturb the plants so I just wait until 15 minutes before the lights are going to turn on to open a standard 60 watt light!
  7. I agree to leave the dark alone. The plant has a "blind spot" in the green spectrum (it doesn't absorb that light, which is what is reflected back and thus is why it looks green to us). isn't totally blind to green light, it can still see it a little, so I don't recommend using even a pure green light during dark.

    Plus, a lot of people misunderstand the idea of green light and a green light. You definitely do not want to use a cheap "party bulb" or basically just a regular light on the inside that is coated in green on the outside. They make CFLs of these, and they are not a pure green light -- they output light in different color spectra that, in totality, our eyes perceive as green, but ultimately a cheap green bulb is nearly as bad for the plants as a regular light bulb. Shibby is on target that the only light to even try this with is a pure green light, laser or LED.

    But why mess with it at all? Why spend any amount of money to take any light-exposure risk? There are 12 hours in every day when the lights are on, tend to the plants then. You can put the plants on a cycle that works best for your schedule and leave the dark dark.

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