Discussion in 'General' started by FunkySkunky, May 23, 2006.

  1. Me and my buddies are planning on rolling with a friend coming back from the military...He only gets 4 days before he leaves for Iraq so my question is if the pill isnt pure mdma then is there a chance that another drug could be in the pill and not be out of his system by 1-3 days like pure ecstacy?
  2. yes, theoretically the pill could have anything in it.
  3. Does anyone know what drugs wont be out of the body by 1-3 days if it is in pill form with ecstacy? A friend gets the pills and has no idea whats in them which is skeptical but I dont wanna take a chance if my buddy from the military is getting tested before Iraq (Hes almost 100% positive that he wont). Any help would be much appreciated.

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