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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RedBull13, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. So I have a cousin who just started smoking after I introduced him to the herb. So after he starts smoking and buying himself he tells me when he gets high sometimes he'll be attracted to men and gay porn at first I was like WTF! But I mean idk because when he's sober he says he would never have those feeilings. Anyone else have any experiences with this or is this normal or what I don't want to be responsible for turning my cousin gay.
  2. hahaha thats crazy i think he is just more open to everything when hes high maybe but not just gay full out idk how to explain it but i'd probably just be like WTF!
  3. I'm not surprised, weed turns at least 60% of smokers gay
  4. You don't turn gay....

    And he's gay as fuck to begin with lol...tell em not to blame the weed..

  5. ya he's gay i remember one time me and one of my buds were making fun of some guy that was high for being gay (we were just joking around we didnt know if he was gay or not) and he said "it was only that one time at that party" and we just looked at eachother like shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit...
  6. [quote name='"MondoFiction"']I'm not surprised, weed turns at least 60% of smokers gay[/quote]

    I feel like this is slightly bullshit lol
  7. Either he has always been gay or he just has a really good sense of humor
  8. lol chances are the guy is fucking with you though I would say something like that all the time but tell people after all is said and done
  9. Hide your redbull, that fairy has wings.
  10. This thread made me laugh really hard, thanks
  11. Don't worry OP, it's normal. It doesn't even have to be bud, just bud related. When I give my dealer the stacks he turns into a complete animal, undressing me with his teeth.

    But really, he's probably bi or something and maybe he's realizing it and the herb is helping him with self realization. No one can just turn gay or straight. You can have sex with anyone, but that doesn't mean you're gay or straight

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