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  1. what if i just planted the seeds outside after letting them germinate, and watered them everyone once in a while, and didn't really control the light or anything and basically let them grow on their own? basically the question is, how much effect does light have on the plant? b/c i know people who hardly know anything about mj and grew plants, so it can't be that hard, is it just over precautions? like is it an exact science? or if i do this will they be complete duds? It just seems like a lot of trouble to go through to control the light, esp. when they're planted in the ground outside
  2. yea im sure they are fine. The reason for all this scientific stuff is that people want to optimize their grow, to make the best possible weed. For your case, growing outdoors is ok, the reason being is that you are able to. Some people are not able to grow outdoors because they either cant (apartment, other people seeing, etc) or dont want to, so they grow indoors (safety from getting caught, stealthness, etc.). Hope this helps

  3. yea, i mean i just wanna try something easy at first you know? just get my feet in the water, so i can get some growing expierience. I mean if they're not the greatest at first, it doesn't matter, i just wanna see if i can do it you know? Then i'll try to grow them more to how i want them. I just wanna know if i'm wastin my time, b/c i don't want them to turn out horrible, do you think they would smoke ok? or would it be pointless
  4. im doing the same thing your doing...i germiated my seed and now its in my bak yard in a little cup

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