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  1. i live in the united states and most places do not ship to the us for valid reasons but i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice ? thnx :D
  2. are you ordering smoking devices, or seeds?

    grasscity ships to the US
  3. haha well i feel kind of sketchy about talking like this but yeah its for seeds and some other good stuff but when i was looking on grass city it was like restrictions yatta yatta us ....
  4. well there was another site called that got shut down for selling seeds to america

    if your looking for salvia, or other legal ways of getting high they sell them at the shop on here

    were not allowed to post any competitors websites on here but if you look hard enough you could find one
  5. I hope that you are not hinting that you want to buy weed online, you are not allowed to discuss that here.
  6. not at all bro im just looking for some seeds ...
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