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  1. Ok, so im planning a grow. And im using a bag seed of some reg. If grown properly and harvested at the right time, etc. Will it be as shitty as the reg that i bought? Or does it have potential to be good? It seems pretty obvious that it would be the same, but im not positive. Someone enlighten me, please.
  2. could go either way, if the person that grew it did a shitty job (which it had seed so they did not do the best) you could do better, if your growing skills are not up to par yours will be worse. For the most part don't expect high quality out of reg seeds. Chances are it will be about the same maybe a little better but you are not going to turn regs into dank.
  3. haha alright bro, thanks. i was just wondering... is the presence of trichomes impossible due to the strain? Like the shit i bought was lacking any crystals what so ever, but will it be the same with my plant?
  4. I grew out some regs.... got a hermie, but the buds were nice. chopped and dried way early due to not wanting any seeds. after i dried it, smoked it and it tasted way better than what it came from. it was better quality, and it didn't even get to finish. I say that you can do pretty well if u plan it out correctly.... just my 0.02

  5. Alright, awesome. That is what im shooting for, those nice juicy buds. :D
  6. a lot of times, the only reason your bud is regs is because it's a large grow op and they don't pull males, then they just chop and bag up for shipping soon after. no proper cure and they ofter compress it. if you love your plant, i guarantee that when you harvest, as long as you wait till the plant is completely done, dry, and cured. you will be sooooo satisfied with it. Good luck with your grow

  7. Im sure you've had this before, shitty, flat buds that look like they were flattened by a steam roller. It sucks.

    Thanks for the wishes, if you want to keep up with my grow here is the thread;[updated-frequently].html

    going to be most likely planting the seed tonight, if not tommorow.
  8. no, the original grower could have shaken the shit out of it and collected the crystals. It also might be a strain that does not produce that many tri. but it is bag seed so you will not know til your try. and I will still say that you are not going to turn regs into gold. you might give it more love and attention and get a bit better quality out of it but it will not be dank by any means.

    If a breeder works a strain for years to stabilize it and it has a thc content of 12% (mid grade shit) then some grower gets a hold of it and does a "large commertial grow" and does not chop males and does everything wrong and lets say it drops the quality to 9% you will never be able to achieve above 12% that is strain based.
  9. it would get a grow under your belt, not matter where the seed came from, if you don't know the genetics, you can't guess on whether it will be all crystals, or barely any. grow it to know. just treat it like it is jack herrer and it will grow just fine. if you stop smoking from now till first toke from your plant, you will think it's the best you ever smoked... just a thought
  10. Agreed, the exp from the bag seed will help you in the future. I don't know about the not smoking thing though? That part sounds like BS to me.
  11. Lol... I think it is BS. I wouldn't do it, but your tolerance would go down a lot
  12. well i already have a very low tolerance, haven't been smoking for very long, and i dont smoke as often as i would like. May sound unbelievable but ive only smoked quality bud maybe once or twice, so im sure this bud wont be too disappointing :)
  13. Just stay positive, blow off the negative people and grow that shtuff. U will be addicted soon enough.

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