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  1. Hey GC so im currently using General Organics "BioThrive" line ...can you pleae tell me if it is actually organic?


    If imix organic nuts with non organic nutes does it fuck with the organic nutes? my buddy jjust told me something about that?

    I appreciate your time folks
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    The ingredients are entirely vegan, containing natural plant extracts, sea kelp, and mined minerals.

    In case you are not Familiar with the term vegan or veganics when it applies to gardening.Veganic farming is a method of producing food without using animal products and with minimal impacts on wildlife. Only plant foods are produced. There is no such thing as veganic milk, eggs or meat. Veganic farming is a type of organic farming, but not all organic farms are veganic. Organic farms that shun chemical fertilizers often use manure, bone meal, fishmeal or other non-vegan products as fertilizers. An organic farm may also find non-chemical ways to kill "pests," including shooting deer.

    In veganic farming, fertilizers do not include animal products, and usually consist of composted plant matter and/or seaweed. Veganic farmers also strive not to disturb underground insects and worms by minimally working the soil. At a pure veganic farm, no insects would be killed, although on a practical level, farms that call themselves veganic use natural ways of killing crop-destroying insects, such as spraying with neem oil or attracting "beneficial" insects who eat other insects.

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  3. It can, in a way. Chemical fertilizers in high enough concentrations can kill the microbes that organics encourage. The organic fertilizer itself shouldn't be affected, though, and will still provide the same nutrients. Some chemicals are more harmful to microbes than others.

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