Discussion in 'General' started by Gnomish, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Can i smoke while on probation if i get a medical card? The probation is for a weed charge.
  2. The mere fact that you are asking means you should know the answer.
  3. lol dude no ones gunna believe your "medical condition" when you got busted for weed.

    Unless of course it was illegitamate charges when you were legitimately aloud to have your cannabis.
  4. I have schizophrenia and im on klonopin for anxiety as well
  5. Of course you can. thats why they never arrest medical patients for possession, right?

    Oh wait...
  6. i heard of a account of someone from texas getting busted for weed and then moving to cali and getting a med card on probation
  7. Well, the person to ask is your PO, not us. I have heard of special cases, but not every situation is the same. You clearly aren't open to our opinions on this topic. Ask your PO.

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