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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Spacelybruh, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. So I just got done smoking quarter of some shit that was bright green, orange hairs, very powdery, and had a strong citrus smell when broken up. Any idea on what is was?
  2. Dank. nuff said. Unless you have pics, thats all your going to hear.

  3. Damn, my friend took some pics but their not the greatest. We didn't take the time cause we were so anxious to smoke it up :)
  4. If its bright, though, its probably a sativa strain. Can you describe the high?
  5. dont worry about the name, unless it was straight from the grower or a dispensary i suppose the names where probably made up. actually they where probably made up no matter where it came from. but if you just smoked a quarter with a friend and you can still type/function chances are it wasn't any good at all.

  6. fuck. well I can type really really good when sober so that might be why.
  7. wait you smoked the whole quarter in one sesh?

  8. me and two other heads, yea.
  9. perhaps you can, but if I smoked a quarter of "dank" and managed to stay awake I'd be outta my mind staring at a wall or something.

    I don't think anyone will venture a guess at what the strain was...but if its doing it for you then its doing it for you.

  10. well I mean we smoked all of that, a bowl of some mid, and ive been sippin on butterscotch schnapps for a while too. Along with alot of soda. not sure why im not passed out.
  11. Holy fuck
    It probably sucked, or you have a hardcore tolerence
    how much did you pay?

  12. haha ew

  13. Paidd $50

  14. eww? It's amazing man
  15. If you only paid $50, it probably was not dank. Maybe high mids.

  16. Well the guy I buy off of is very close, known him all my life. I get pretty good discounts when he has it.
  17. A quarter of dank usually costs me around 100 - 130
    If it was dank, you would be in another universe right now.
  18. Blue OG Fire Haze Kush Daddy Purp.

  19. Buying off him its never that high. and im a casual smoker. and i mean im pretty zoned into this shit right now too.
  20. You said you had already smoked that day right? I always have a harder time getting high after already toking up that day. I cant get high more then three times a day, no matter how much i smoke the fourth time.

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