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  1. So I need some advice. Okay I used to smoke alot and eventually I got caught and got in a good bit of trouble, but things have been back to normal now for about 6 months now. Anyway, I started back a few months ago and tonight my mom found a rolling paper in my wallet. When she questioned me about it I made up some dumb excuse that I know she didn't buy. After that she just said oh well I'll put this back just in case. Then went back to normal conversation. What does this mean and what should I do. Btw my parents are the ultra-conservative type.
  2. Ask her why the hell shes looking in your wallet
  3. Smoke all your weed before your parents find it! GO!
  4. Maybe your mom is chill with it, and your dad is uptight?
  5. Relax. If she hasn't confronted you about it now, I doubt it's as serious as you imagine.
    If you've been caught before, it won't come as such a shock to them. You don't have much to worry about my friend.
  6. the "case" actually meens the evidence she collects to give to the local detective/officer whom she happens to be very good friends with, on more than a personal level
  7. Yeah I'm not that worried. I know if her intentions were for me to be in trouble she would have questioned me more then. And nah my dad is not too bad, he used to smoke back in college.
  8. Also, welcome to the city. :D
  9. Ah, thanks alot

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